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Author : raz smiths | Published On : 27 Aug 2021

 The two different species of cannabis species one here on the left is hemp so this is industrial hemp this is the type that has very very low thc in it and basically in terms of regulation wise it has to have less than 0.3 percent thc in that remember the study i mentioned earlier which showed that you can have even though you you believe you're buying a hemp based cbd product with very low thc you can actually have higher amounts of thc than you expect again buyer beware i say that it has low cbd it's just relatively low  Buy Terpenes this can be extracted and concentrated so that the hemp based cbd products can actually have a high amount of cbd in the extracts but in the plant itself it is technically it is a low concentration now the species two is marijuana and this is where you have two different species there are sativa and indica and sativa is traditionally has a higher level of thc and indica traditionally has a higher level of cbd these are older terminology in my opinion i think more important these days because there's been so much breeding and cross breeding of these different plants that that the names sativa and indica may not actually correspond with the degree of cbd or thc in the product.

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You may in fact have a sativa variety that actually has a higher amount of cbd in it and contrary or also the corollary could be with indica you may have a high level of thc when you expected a high level of cbd so what is most important is looking at the labels and looking at what the testing said about that product these are some of the more common types of concentrates that are available at the dispensaries they have these uh funny names like shatter and wax crumble uh butter oil and then there are the distillates these actually would go into a vaporization pen and then the tinctures i remember i was showing those products earlier on uh where you had that the lily and wyeth uh tinctures uh well there you go this is exactly what we're talking about uh in the modern form and just one thing i'll point out here is the uh what's it talks about a number.

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One to one this is the ratio of cbd to thc in this particular product and we'll get to that in a little bit uh routes of administration uh we're going to now talk about the uh again sort of the onset of action and why you might use one product over another and so let's uh let's take a look at this so first of all the inhaled products i mentioned before that inhalational is a rapid onset of action and the reason for that is because as soon as you inhale true terpenes  the the cannabis vapor or smoke into your lungs your blood vessels are right underneath the single celled alveolar lining in your lungs and they're ready to take up uh within seconds most of the cannabinoids and terpenes that are within that smoker or vapor and the effects typically last around 30 minutes to two hours and what's important