6 Accessible Ways to Help Someone Fighting Addiction

Author : Samantha Higgins | Published On : 29 Jun 2022

Addiction is one of the hardest things to overcome. It can be devastating in many forms, from gambling to drugs. However, there are plenty of ways to help someone fight addiction.

If you have an extra hour or two, consider volunteering at a rehab facility. There is always a need for people to help patients, and if your skill set matches up with the types of jobs they have available, it can be hugely rewarding. 

If you are more of an introvert, please consider sharing your experience on forums like Reddit and Facebook. There's nothing more powerful than someone facing addiction sharing their story to find hope.

Here are six accessible ways to help someone fight addiction.

1. Volunteer at a Rehab Center

If you want to get straight into the mix and help someone struggling with addiction, consider volunteering at a rehab facility. You could contribute in several ways, from helping patients with chores to working directly with them on their recovery. 

You should check out a facility's website to see what volunteering opportunities are available. If they're not asking for volunteers, perhaps drop them an email with your interest. If a facility asks for help, it can often make for a great job.

2. Start an Online Campaign

If you are more the online type, then why not start an online campaign to help others who might be struggling with addiction. You could create a Facebook group, a Twitter account, and even a dedicated website. 

You can share your story, talk about your experiences, and offer advice to anyone else who might be facing similar issues. If you feel like using Facebook and Twitter isn't your thing, then Reddit is another fantastic outlet that allows people to share their stories. As well as this, you could host your group and invite people to discuss topics related to addiction. The options are endless, so choose what fits you best.

For instance, if you are a sober coach, you could create a group to help people build their sobriety. Being a sober coach online has its challenges, and the group could help you with feedback and support.

3. Blog

Another way to help people fight addiction is to blog about your experiences. If you've been in recovery for a while, maybe blog about how you got through the tough times or offer advice about how someone else can do it. 

If you are in recovery yourself, then maybe blog about what it's like to be sober or how to go on a sober holiday. Again, this can be a way to reach out to people who might be experiencing the same things.

4. Talk About Addiction On Social Media

Social media has become a top way of communicating with friends and family, but it's also an excellent place for sharing stories about addiction. Why not share your stories about living life sober if you have an online presence? 

This can help more than just your friends and allies. Social media is also a great way to reach out to celebrities who might be able to share their experiences. The way you use social media is up to you, but it's important that if you talk about addiction, then do so in a respectful and non-judgmental manner.

5. Put on a Show

Are you an actor? Are you a DJ? Have you always fancied yourself in a play or on stage? If so, why not put on a show to help people fighting addiction. You might choose to perform or put on an event - make something special happen for someone who might be struggling. A show can be a fantastic way to raise awareness about addiction and help inspire people who want to recover.

6. Volunteer as a Mentor

If you are new to recovery, then consider becoming an addiction mentor. If you were once a patient like a person you're helping, you would know exactly how they're feeling and can be of great support. 

You can offer advice and guidance on several topics, from building a solid foundation in recovery to what to expect as you go through each stage of the treatment.


If you're struggling with addiction, reach out and ask for help. You might be lucky enough to find volunteers or friends who can offer support and encouragement. However, if you're not so lucky, please consider going into treatment. Discussed above are ways in which you can help individuals who are struggling with addiction.