The Best Blogs for Business School Students included UAE Business Blogs

Author : Al Ghurair University | Published On : 11 Jun 2021

If you’re pursuing a bachelor’s degree in business or an MBA, you need to keep up with your schoolwork, which is a requirement for success. However, you also need to keep up with the business world by reading newspapers and business blogs. It is necessary to keep up with the changes and progress in the business world. This helps you to understand how to solve various problems in the industry.

The UAE is one of the fastest-growing economies globally; it has a vibrant economy and political stability. It’s important to understand the business environment of a country; you understand how resources are distributed and how the government can intervene to save the economy.

Why Business Students Should Read Business Blogs

Reading can be useful in many ways, but we must choose what to read wisely. The best thing about blogs is that they are accessible on your phone and computer. Business blogs enable you to become a better thinker; they keep you updated on recent developments and industry trends.

As surprising as it may sound, reading blogs helps to build your people-skills. An article is a representation of society by the author; when you read a blog, you view the world through the author’s perspective and compare it to yours. It helps you to understand and tolerate other people’s opinions. This helps you to have an open mind when dealing with people. You develop empathy instead of criticism.

It also helps to improve creativity; your imagination keeps the story going. Words are depicted as images in our minds. Creativity is a significant skill in leadership because it helps you to think beyond yourself.

Reading improves your analytical skills; reading involves continuous analysis. You are continually trying to understand and decipher the meaning of a blog post. This makes you smarter and enhances your reasoning skills. In business, you will encounter events that require swift decision-making. If you can comprehend and understand various scenarios, you will be able to come up with the best decision in specific situations.

The Best Blogs for Business School Students

Being a business student can leave you with less time to read many books; however, you can always read your favorite business blog even on the go. They provide the latest news and trends in the business world. They help you to understand the curriculum and increase your knowledge.

Here are the best blogs for business students;


Shuraa blog was set up in 2001, and its primary purpose is to help entrepreneurs in Dubai and globally to establish and run their businesses. They help their clients set up businesses by providing a unique team of consultants, PRO executives, lawyers, and company formation experts. If you are in a business school in Dubai, you can read their blogs about company formation, the latest business news, investments, and everything you need to know about businesses.


Commitbiz was established by like-minded professionals to provide high-quality management advisory services to academic, non-governmental, governmental, and private sectors. They also run a blog that enlightens entrepreneurs and corporations to learn new corporates and keep up with business trends.

Convince & Convert

This blog focuses on creating a compelling, high-quality customer experience and digital marketing strategies. Students in a business school in Dubai, you can learn a lot from this blog because they don’t brag about being a ‘digital agency.’ They help their clients make the right decisions, choose the right resources, etc. This blog was founded in 2018 by Jay Baer, a New York Times best-selling author of 6 books. He is also known for his unparalleled marketing insights.

This magazine/blog is an authoritative publication that focuses on small businesses. This is one of the best blogs to read about small business trends. You can read about startups, leadership, remote working, how to build a website for your business, etc. This is one of the ideal blogs to read if you have a small business or interested in a startup.


HubSpot provides educational posts, ingenious marketing strategies, and informative content. Their mission is to help you grow your business and attract more customers. This blog unites education, software, and community to help you better your business every day.

This blog was founded by Brian and Dharmesh, who are MIT graduate students. Their philosophy on inbound marketing has successfully replaced disruptive marketing. This portrays disruptive marketing as an outdated and ineffective marketing strategy. As a student in a business school in Dubai, you will learn more about inbound marketing and how to use various mediums for success.

Bloomberg Markets Magazine

Bloomberg Markets Magazine is an authoritative and engaging blog covering various topics, international news, and subjects concerning the global financial market. Bloomberg Markets Magazine is a branch of Bloomberg BusinessWeek, one of the most reputable business publications. Reading this blog gives you an update on leading corporates and global news.


All wise business students read Forbes; it has produced informative and educative content for over 100 years. This blog covers all business aspects, from business leader profiles, business breaking news, etc. It has over 5.8 million magazine audience readership and 118 million visitors from the USA. Forbes is the largest global business blog globally with an unmatched scale and the exemplary ability to curate, collect, and cover top entrepreneurs and leaders who are transforming businesses, driving change, and making a positive impact on the world. Forbes has international writers who contribute and bring business news from all over the world.

Marketing Profs

Marketing Profs is one of the top blogs to read if you want to learn about marketing. There is also a small business section ideal for any entrepreneur and business students. The blog owners believe that learning can transform lives; that’s why they provide approachable, hands-on, and real-world educational skills for its readers.


As a business student, you are privileged to have many platforms to help you in your studies and professional life. Reading blogs is one of the easiest ways to keep up with the business world, new trends and learn from top entrepreneurs and leaders.