The Advantages and Disadvantages of Using a Surrogacy Agency

Author : Sophie Belmore | Published On : 24 Mar 2023

Whether the surrogate mother or the intended parents decide to start the surrogacy process, the first step is to do a lot of research to find a possible match with whom to work. When it comes to finding a surrogate mother, a potential parent usually has two main options: working with a surrogacy service or doing their own search.

There are both good and bad things about using the services of a UK surrogacy agency. Some surrogates and intended parents choose to work with an agency to set up their surrogacy plans, while others don't.


Surrogacy agencies play the role of matchmakers between surrogates and intended parents.

The main job of the best surrogacy agency is to match potential parents-to-be with a surrogate mother who can meet the needs that the parents-to-be have given. This can be a challenging element of surrogacy, as many would-be parents do not even know where to start looking for the ideal carrier for their child. This is a job for an agency, which takes it off the shoulders of the parents and finds a suitable partner for them.

Surrogacy agencies facilitate the setting of appointments and the exchange of information.

An agency that helps intended parents and surrogates with paperwork, scheduling testing, and organising procedures and evaluations is a lifeline for first-time surrogates. This reduces surrogacy-related stress. Agency expertise benefits surrogate moms and intended parents.

Agencies facilitate compensation conversations.

When it comes to surrogacy, discussing topics such as money and compensation can make both the surrogate mother and the intended parents feel awkward. Agencies usually act as a neutral third party who helps the surrogate mother and the intended parents of the child she carries talk about how much money they will get.

Surrogacy agencies take care of the escrow process.

Finding the best surrogacy agency is the ideal choice when it comes to the question of whether or not a third party should manage all of the monetary transactions that take place between a surrogate and the intended parents. They are acting as escrow agents, which means that they are responsible for making all reimbursements and handling payments related to the surrogacy.


The cost of using an agency is quite high.

The cost of surrogacy might be high. If intended parents choose to employ a UK surrogacy agency for their surrogacy, they should be prepared to pay thousands of dollars for the use of these services. Many would-be parents just do not have the financial means to cover this additional surrogacy expense.

Some policies cannot be changed under any circumstances.

Surrogate pay is imposed by some organisations. This makes it difficult for intended parents and surrogate mothers to negotiate a higher or lower surrogacy payment. Those who disagree with an agency's policies may not cooperate with it, restricting matching alternatives.

Certain government agencies exhibit bias.

Several organisations, whether on purpose or by mistake, take a stance on the contentious issue of surrogacy. For instance, a surrogacy business that is led by a woman who has previously carried a child through the process may have more empathy for the surrogates than it does for the intended parents. It is highly possible that an adoption agency will follow the money and will continually side with the intended parents, thus rejecting their duty as a third party in the adoption process.

Every surrogacy experience is unique, and there is no such thing as a bad or good one. The intended parents are the ones who are responsible for footing the bill when working with a surrogacy firm. It is free of charge for surrogate mothers to be listed with an agency.