Terpenes Extraction Explained

Author : raz smiths | Published On : 16 Sep 2021

Hey guys today we're gonna be talking about terpenes so we want to understand these compounds what they are how they occur in nature how we're extracting and isolating them so the first thing that I'd like to bring up is true terpenes are actually a variety of organic compounds and these organic compounds are naturally occurring in all sorts of areas of nature the main things that you will find terpenes are in is cannabis conifer plants like pine trees spruce things like that are one of the most abundant sources as well as a variety of insects and even some mammals now it's it's interesting these compounds because they serve a variety of different purposes.

So in plants they're mainly signaling it's signaling for a predator to stay away or for a sweet you know delicious smell to be eaten by a certain mammal and there's kind of this underlying communication standard with these terpenes amongst everything in nature and in the universe and if you start looking at these compounds and where they're placed and what they do it's it's quite amazing the the matrix of what's there with that all being said you have other buy terpenes that are produced by insects that are produced by by mammals and these are actually produced in some cases biosynthetic aliso in many cases humans produce terpenes biosynthetic Lee meaning within our own body they come endogenously produced and our signaling receptors not only are they signaling mechanisms but they're also biosynthetic building blocks so a good example of this would be squalene and the steroids that are derived from that and things like that you can look into that but it's very very interesting so understanding these molecules and what they do is very very important.

To understanding why they're valuable to an extraction process and why they're valuable to the cannabis plant and with understanding all of this it's really important to know that they are antimicrobials they're antivirals to help keep your body into a homeostasis into that balanced state that we've spoken about before so in many many cases there actually have a lot of similar properties that they exhibit on humans the same way cannabinoids do and the key to all this is that you get this entourage type effect and it's almost like nature's produced and packaged to this perfect little plant and this perfect little combination of terpenes for sale and cannabinoids in order to aid a variety of medical conditions and bring your body back into balance now what we do at precision is we're highly focused around the extraction and isolation of these terpenes the extraction of isolation of these terpenes is a very special process because the molecules in and of themselves whether they're monoterpenes or sesquiterpenes or triterpene there's a bunch of different types of these terpenes but in general they're all very delicate when I say they're very delicate they're very prone to degradation they're very prone to really being diminished or their molecular structure being changed with any sort of heat any sort of excessive stress will say to that molecule without getting into overly technical terms.