Sturdy Mahindra & Tata Small CVs For Large Cargo Volumes

Author : Priyanshi Priyanshi Sharma | Published On : 03 Apr 2024

Apart from large commercial trucks, small trucks, including pickups and mini trucks, can resist loads. They have a performance-oriented engine to climb on steep hills and flyovers with ease. Moreover, with stylish looks and caro-like comfort, it enhances the driver's comfort for a better driving experience. Among all the given models, the Mahindra Jeeto offers reasonable pricing for accessibility to entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs. 

Tata Intra V30

The Tata Intra V30 is ideal for easily transporting lightweight and small materials to the destination. Also, its sturdy engine facilitates great speed for improved driving experience. This pickup truck is compact-size yet manages to promote intra-city cargo transportation. The price range of this Intra V30 truck falls within Rs. 8.11 and 8.61 Lakh

Mahindra Jeeto 

The Mahindra Jeeto is a highly preferred mini truck by small-scale businesses and entrepreneurs. It is commonly used for agriculture, LPG cylinders, water tankers, construction materials, and packages. Besides, its car-like comfort and unmatched safety make it the city's best mini truck. It has an affordable price range which falls within Rs. 4.29 and 4.99 Lakh

Tata Yodha 

The Tata Yodha is a superior-quality pickup truck that ensures high fuel efficiency and performance. It also provides reliable driving for the safety of the truck operator with a stylish and comfortable cabin. This pickup is strong enough to load heavy loads on rugged terrains due to its 40% gradeability. Furthermore, its price range starts from Rs.9.66 and 10.16 Lakh.