Six interesting facts about poodles you should know

Author : The Poodle For Sale | Published On : 27 May 2021

Poodle lovers are among the happiest of all breed owners. Different poodles, like standard, miniature, or toy poodles, have the same build and proportions. However, different poodles have different personalities. All poodles have physical grace, extraordinary intelligence, and striking athletic ability. People who have owned poodles would know that these are very clever dogs. You can get poodle mixes for sale on various websites. Here are the exciting facts about poodles.


  1. Poodles are very intelligent: poodles are one of the most intelligent dog breeds. No doubt, border collies are clever, but it is hard to beat a poodle's intelligence when you live with one. They can learn various tricks like walking on two paws and jumping through hoops. In addition, they are highly observant with their human companions. Any poodle-owner will admit that it is easy to train a poodle using techniques of repetition and rewards. To encourage the poodle's brain, train them with word comprehension, engage with their senses, and take their problem-solving test.


  1. They come in three sizes: the original poodle stands over two feet tall at the shoulder and is built for hunting. It implies that it has the capacity for great athleticism. Over time, as hunting became less frequent, and their ability became the sought-after characteristic. Breeders found that having two smaller sizes– with the same features and intelligence, made the Poodle breed a popular option for pet owners. 


  1. Hunting was their original purpose: if you are a new owner to the breed, you may not know that poodles were originally bred to serve hunts. Non-poodle people are not aware of some standard Poodle facts such as how they perform and Labradors and other hunting breeds when compared side-by-side.  


  1. They have fur that keeps on growing: poodles have hair, not fur. Poodle's coat is not considered fur. No matter how long their hair is, they will keep growing. So, they need to be groomed to keep their hair in check. Brushing their hair regularly and regular baths will keep their skin clean. Don't let your poodle's hair become matted because it will be hard to control. To avoid this situation, poodles need to be groomed regularly. It includes a deep brush out, combing, trimming, and cleaning. Ears should be cleaned, and hair plucked.


  1. They are great swimmers: poodles are excellent water dogs. The Poodle’s athletic build and webbed feet give them remarkable swimming abilities. Moreover, their coats are water-resistant! These characteristics made the Poodle a reliable water retriever in France.


  1. They are hypoallergenic: the Poodle’s single-layer coat of thick curly fur is hypoallergenic. They cast minimally because their fur never stops growing and tangles instead of falling out. 


So, these are some amazing facts about poodles. This amazing breed continually fascinates us with its history, abilities, and personality. At Poodle for sale, we are committed to help you find the perfect poodle puppy.