Shiva The Third Eye

Author : Abhinav Agarwal | Published On : 06 Jan 2022

When we say Trinetra, the first thing that comes to our mind is Shiva. Trinetra Dhari Shiva. After all, who is Shiva? Is Shiva is everything or Shiva is nothing. Is this universe Shiva or is this universe in Shiva? Today modern science is presenting many theories about the origin of the universe. Many reasons for the origin of life on earth are being put in front of the world, but science does not know anything about that one thing which is the reason for all these reasons. So who is Shiva after all?

Shiva is the creator of this universe. Shiva is everything and even when there is nothing, Shiva will remain. Shiva has created the universe and he also destroys this universe. The supreme form of Shiva from whom Shiva himself incarnated is Panchmukhi Sadashiv. The three forms of Panchmukhi Sadashiv are Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh. The hairs of Panchmukhi Sadashiv are spread all over the universe or to say that their hairs are the universe. Brahma who genrator of the universe, Vishnu who is the operator of the universe and Mahesh means Shiva means Shankar who is the destroyer of the universe and makes a new beginning.

Shiva is the cause of all causes, Shiva is the darkness and Shiva is the light. Shiva is the beginning and Shiva is also infinite. Shiva is formless and Shiva is also corporeal. Shiva is the Tandavkarta. Every living being in the universe belongs to Shiva and every deity is from Shiva. Shiva is nectar and Shiva is poison. All this creation is from Shiva and when he destroys it, he creates it again. Shiva is Adiyogi. Shiva always remains absorbed in yoga samadhi on Mount Kailash. Shiva is always absorbed in ecstasy.

When we say Adiyogi, then we are talking about Shiva because he is the Adiyogi, that is, Shiva is the first Yogi and when we talk about the first Yogi, we are talking about the Guru and Shiva is the first Yogi Guru, he is the Mahaguru. Yoga does not mean pranayama or a means to hold your breath. Yoga is the means to know the universe, the means to know all the laws of nature, the means to know all the dimensions of the body, yoga is the means to know the body and the soul, yoga is the means of samadhi, yoga is the means of ecstasy and Only the one who starts living in the company of Bliss can know Shiva.

Lord Shiva has no shape but he is not formless either. The shape of all living beings in the universe is the shape of Shiva, the body of all living beings is the body of Shiva, the parts of the body of all living beings are parts of Shiva, all eyes are eyes of Shiva, all hands are hands of Shiva, all feet are feet of Shiva Therefore, Shiva has infinite face and body, but still he is also called Trinetra Dhari because he has three eyes in the real form of Shiva, in which the third eye is located on his forehead, with this eye he destroys the universe and creates a new universe.

Parvati is the wife of Shiva. Parvati is the only Adishakti and when Shiva destroys the universe, then Adishakti is also with Shiva. All the energy in the universe is Adishakti. Parvati is Uma and Parvati is Lakshmi and Saraswati. Parvati is Durga, Parvati is Ambe and Parvati is Kali. Parvati is the nine forms of the nine goddesses. Shiva and Parvati always remain in yoga samadhi. Ardhanari is the form of Shiva and Parvati.

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