Revisiting Some Rare Facts about Flat Roofing

Author : Robert Johnson | Published On : 26 Sep 2021

How well do you grasp the fundamentals of roofing systems? They are used to cover a structure and are constructed from panels or shingles, correct? While these considerations apply to the majority of roofing systems, they do not apply to flat roofs. Many commercial, residential, and industrial structures use flat roofing systems rather than conventional pitched roofs.

While many homeowners are familiar with the fundamentals of pitched roofing, flat roofing systems are less well-known.

If you choose flat roofing for your home, the following information will help you decide.

1 - Certain Solar Panels Are Specially Designed For Flat Roofs

Certain manufacturers provide solar panels that are appropriate for installation on flat-roof structures. These improve the property's energy efficiency and contribute to lower utility costs. They feature a low-profile design and may serve as a scaffold for securely adding rooftop equipment such as outdoor air conditioning units and more.

2 - They Aren't Altogether Flat

While flat roofing systems are more flat than conventional roofing systems, they are not literally flat. Roofing contractors and manufacturers refer to them as 'flat roofs' since they are neither curved nor slanted like others and thus seem horizontal or flat to the naked eye.

However, it may surprise you to learn that even flat roofs have a small slope, averaging about 14 inches per foot. This is done to enable trash and water to drain away and to avoid the accumulation of standing water.

3 - Insulation Can Be Used on Flat Roofing Systems

Flat roofing systems are often misunderstood by property owners as being ineffective at providing insulation. They may, however, be insulated differently than other roofing systems. Also, there exist a variety of ways to improve the insulation to achieve the highest possible energy efficiency.

4 - They Have a Life Expectancy of More Than 20 Years

When you have an expert professional build and maintain your flat roofing system, you can be confident that your property will be properly secured for years to come. Your roofing system should last between ten and twenty years, if not more, based on the materials chosen.

Flat roofs have a number of advantages, ranging from durability and beauty to cost, which makes them an attractive choice for commercial, residential, and industrial buildings. They provide a clean, consistent look regardless of the material used. Hopefully, this article has clarified why this is an appropriate option for your property.

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