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Author : Carl Glendon | Published On : 17 Aug 2021

Standard Residential Lease Agreement Things You Must Know!

A residential lease agreement is a contract that is signed between a landlord and his / her tenant, and specifies the duties and responsibilities of both parties right at the outset. It helps both parties avoid confusions and arguments in the future. Find out what needs to be included in a regular or free standard residential lease agreement.

Names of tenants

The names of tenants should be mentioned in the document. In other words, the names of all the people who would be living in the property as renters would have to be mentioned. If a specific tenants unable to pay the rent, the landlord can demand the same to be paid from any of the other renters.

Entry to the property

The agreement must inform when landlords can enter the property, and at what times.

Occupancy limits

The document must also make a mention of the limits in occupancy, or how many tenants would be allowed in the free Pennsylvania rental agreement form.

Tenancy term

The entire term or span of the tenancy has to be mentioned as well, so that it can easily be understood how long tenants can live for in the property that is let out on rent.

Rent amount

This refers to the total amount of money that must be paid to the landlord on rent. This includes everything that is to be included in the rent, such as energy bills, utility expenses etc. The fees and deposits, which have to be paid to the landlord, must also be mentioned.

Maintenance and repairs

These are some of the important expenses that must be mentioned, and the contract should also specify whether the landlord or the tenants would be expected to deal with the same. In some cases, when the landlord is absent in the area of the property, the tenants are expected to handle the repair and maintenance work - whenever needed.

Illegal activity restrictions

The California residential lease agreement should also have all the details about any restriction on illegal activities of tenants. The document must specify which types of activities should or should not be allowed in the agreement.

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