Reasons Why You Should Hire a Criminal Lawyer for Criminal Charges

Author : Al Rowaad Advocates & Legal Consultants | Published On : 03 May 2021

Crime is defined as any illegal act by a natural or legal person punishable under the criminal code of said jurisdiction. In the case of the United Arab Emirates, itsFederal Penal Codeis heavily based on the principles of Shariah. Anyone with criminal charges, including foreigners, needs to contact a criminal lawyer in the UAEimmediately to help with their case.Without a legal expert by your side, you’ll have trouble navigating through the processes and the system, especially if you are not a local!

Below are fewresponsibilities of criminal lawyers in the UAE:

Providing support during police interviews

You need not just legal but also moral support before your police interview, and a criminal defense lawyer can provide it. They can help you feel more relaxed in front of the officers, giving tips on what to say and how to interact with the authorities.

Providing representation during criminal court proceedings

Criminal lawyers understand procedural law more than anyone else. They’re the best people to represent you, explaining the different procedures and identifying any errors to bring your case on the right track.

Negotiating with the court and prosecuting attorney

Criminal lawyers in the UAE are trained to negotiate with the court. They may be able to reduce any charges even before your trial begins. If necessary, they can also arrange the best possible plea request  for you.

Nature of crimes handled by criminal lawyers in the Emirates

Crime is not restricted to physical harm. In fact, the definition stretches out to monetary or moral damage to any human being or organisation. The best criminal lawyers can offer sound legal advice on the following:

  • Physical violence
  • Domestic violence
  • Crimes against the dignity of any being
  • Financial crimes, such as money laundering, loan fraud, cheque bounce, and more
  • Drug trafficking, possession, and consumption
  • Sexual crimes
  • Murder or attempt to murder
  • Kidnapping, abduction, assault, or any threat
  • Theft, robbery, burglary, or trespassing
  • Cyber offenses
  • Consumption of alcohol while driving or without a license

Never settle for less when looking for a criminal lawyer in the UAE.Look for trained and experienced people, expertly representing their clients in every stage of the legal process!

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