Reasons To Opt For An Education Loan To Study Abroad

Author : Edu Global Consulting Ltd | Published On : 27 Sep 2021

There are several students that wish to complete their education or graduate from a foreign country. A majority of the students give up on their dreams as they can't afford to study abroad. So, these students can opt for an Education Loan to Study Abroad. Education loans have been helping several students to pay for the expenses of their education with minimum hurdles. With that being said, let's take a look at why choosing education loans is the best option if you're planning to study abroad.

No impact on personal savings

Some parents choose to pay for the expenses from their lifelong savings. However, it sounds much better than taking debts but this decision can be a bit problematic if you need funds in the future. If you need money for any emergency in the future, you'll be helpless. If you choose to pay the expenses with an education loan, it will cover 100% of the expenses without having any impact on your savings.

Full coverage

An education loan offers full coverage for all expenses that will be included until you complete your course. Whether it is about hostel fees, examination fees, membership fees, and any other fees, the loan will cover it all. An education loan will also cover the cost of the study material or if there is any need to buy a uniform. Hence, choosing an education loan to pay for the expenses will save the money that you would have used for other expenses.

You can pay after completing your education

Once a student selects the Best Course to Study Abroad, he or she can get worried about the repayment even before it gets completed. One of the most beneficial advantages of an education loan is you can repay the loan amount after completing your education. Education loan offers a moratorium period or a repayment holiday according to which a student can start paying the installments after 6 or 12 months. This time is added even after the course or education has been completed so the student doesn't feel any kind of pressure.

It builds your CIBIL score

CIBIL score is a summary of your credit history, if the score is good it means you repay your loans on time. The score generally ranges between 300 - 900, but 750 is considered a good score. If you've considered taking an education loan but repay the amount on time. It will definitely boost your credit score. You can use this score to get any other loan product in the future.

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