Reasons to Buy Luxury Prayer Mats and Carpets

Author : alezbet ruby | Published On : 14 Sep 2021

Buy a luxury prayer mats online to gift to friends and family. In the Sabracht, offer an extensive collection of prayer rugs in various traditional Islamic religious gifts designs and colors to present to your beloved ones. These exquisite modern prayer rugs will evoke the feeling of religion and spiritual connection with every Ibadan that wears them. You can buy from the largest collection available online or choose from one of our custom designs.

We offer premium quality luxury prayer mats for all occasions, be it a wedding, funeral, burial or memorial service. All rug designs are made by the best rug dealers and artisans in the world. You can choose from a wide array of beautiful traditional rugs, or if you have a specific motif or design in mind, we can work with you to create a masterpiece that speaks to you and your taste. Each rug is made with care by the best experts in the trade. They carefully select the fibers, color and texture, and then turn them into a finished article.

Each of the rugs available in our store is beautifully hand-stitched by highly skilled artisans. We offer a comprehensive collection of luxury prayer mats including: Qalii, Shareef, Isfahan, Ismaili, Taj al-Din, and Al-Qarni rugs. All these come in heavy duty and elegant styles that can be used as outdoor prayer mat, or indoor prayer mat. You can even personalize your luxury prayer mats by choosing our exclusive collection of wool and silk rugs in gorgeous traditional colors such as:

Every prayer mat is made of high-quality wool that is woven tightly to provide strength and durability for many years. Modern prayer rugs are constructed using a high-tech technique that involves weaving the wool at high temperature and then pressing it repeatedly until it is tightly pressed and soft enough to use. It results in an extremely soft, thick, and strong rug. Unlike our traditional prayer mat, modern prayer rugs are not only beautiful, they are spiritually meaningful as well. The spiritual experience one gets when laying on one of these rugs is unparalleled.

Many of the high quality prayer rugs available in our store are hand woven with a unique high-tech technique. These carpets have intricate designs hand-carved by highly skilled artists. The knotting is done on either side of the carpet, creating a magnificent medallion of colors that swirl around each carpet fiber. The result is an eye-catching display of color that swirls around each carpet fiber. This is a truly spectacular and breathtaking sight of color that symbolizes faith and spirituality.

Many of our luxury thick prayer mat come with a matching prayer beads collection. The collection usually includes different color and texture beads that coordinate with the rugs and pray beads used in the carpet weaving process. The beads range in size from large tropical flowers to tiny seed beads and are beautifully set into the hand-crafted patterned background of each carpet. This adds an extra element of design to a prayer or meditation session. Each rug also has its own unique message of hope and encouragement printed on the back.

Some luxury prayer mats include a special inspirational message. Some messages are written by the artist, while others are simply inspired thoughts. The carpets are carefully hand-quilted, so that the designs will not wear away with age. Because they are made from high quality wool, our carpets are soft, durable, and easily cleanable. You can add a prayer mat to every room in your home so that you can easily accessorize your spiritual life with beautiful rugs that are meaningful to you.

Each rug is uniquely hand-crafted so that it will last a lifetime. They can be used in any area of the home and can provide comfort as well as inspiration. Many religious groups hand-quilt their prayer rugs to provide comfort and motivation for those who use them. You may find that choosing a rug for your home will inspire you to seek out the same pattern or design in other areas of your life. You will find that prayer rugs can offer you a sense of peace, solace, and encouragement as you make your way through your days on earth.