Reasons for Procrastinating

Author : Adam Shafqat | Published On : 02 Mar 2021

It is a fact that almost every individual procrastinates at certain time point of life, and some are still procrastinating. Certain experts and experienced procrastinators with the help of their views and experiences had studied various roots causes that instigates procrastination, and had acquired new outlook for overcoming procrastination by comprehending these roots. It is very vital to understand the impending on procrastination, by engrossing usual roots of procrastination and tactics to successfully eradicate procrastination.

The phase of procrastination can be broken by implementing certain tips in the personal as well as professional routines. A difficult assignment is frequently proposed as discouraging and ultimately pushes several people into the procrastinating phase. When an individual is working on an assignment that appears to be somewhat engulfing in its difficulty mode, at such time that individual is suggested to split the assignment into two smaller sections for individually tackling each element separately. Whereas, several individuals will complete a job that they rejoice with savor, they can constantly postpone working on assignments that are less tempting.

The Powerlessness Factor:

However, all assignments are not pleasurable, but are still required to be finished. For averting procrastinating in such conditions, an individual is advised to make an attempt for incorporating a prize format for the completion of a not so pleasant job. Incapability aspect of not giving paramount concern to a task also repays with procrastination. There are individuals who are not able to view the assignments at hand and consign them into various groups depending on their mode of significance, such individual's at certain times find it quite complex for performing any chore, as they are consistently swapping themselves from one job to another or are frequently attempting to decide the next chore.

Such types of constantly job swapping individuals possess high risk of procrastinating. These people are advised to maintain a list of their chores along with ranking each task depending upon its priority. Further, it is advised to set a goal of concluding a certain number of chores in the next two hours, after two hours appraise and re-examine the condition depending upon the lingering chores. Incapability of making resolutions also roots procrastination. There are several individuals that simply exhaust too much time attempting to make resolutions regarding their assignments and as a result are procrastinating more and more.

The Fear Factor:

The panic of not succeeding is also a potential factor that roots procrastination in certain individuals. Certain individuals will unintentionally postpone the completion of the assignment as they are worried about the response that their assignment is going to extract. To imagine a winner of the given task and envision the methods that will be required to be a winner in that task is the only thing required to be done by such individuals to prevent them from procrastinating.