Real Estate Photography Tips to Make Your Listing Stand Out

Author : aiden doni | Published On : 03 Jul 2021

Picture this. The first thing a prospective buyer will probably interact with is your online real estate listing. If it impressed them, they could spend 20 more seconds on your listing. That is enough time to convert a web browser into a potential real estate buyer.

Having high-quality images also boosts your chances of selling a home at a higher value than if you use low-quality images. A 2013 study shows that professional real estate photographs increase a home sale value by $1,000.

But that’s just one tip, here are more expert tips from an experienced real estate photography Houston company.

Let’s examine some expert tips. 

Provide Potential Buyers a Reason to Tour


Although buyers want a complete picture of their potential home, too many photos might be a bore. You want to leave some room for imagination. You want to attract potential buyers to show up at the property and talk about buying it from you.

You can do that by using images of the most critical rooms in the house.

Most clients look at the kitchen, master bedroom, and master bath.  You may also take photos of the closet.

Staging Can Make or Break It


Bits of clutter and disorganized spaces leave an impression of unappealing, small rooms. But with a bit of creativity and diligence, you can make a house look larger and more inviting.

First, talk to the homeowner about cleaning up and decluttering specific rooms ahead of time. Next, arrange the furniture and décor for a warm, spacious home.

Remember, the endgame is to help the buyer imagine living in that house. For instance, you can set the dining table to trigger images of perfect family meals.

Focus Shots Where it Matters to Potential Buyers


Again, not all features are ideal for your real estate. Think of the most enticing details in a photo and focus on them.

For instance, a tiled bathroom sink stands out more than the tile floor. Similarly, a unique door handle and beautiful wood might catch a buyer’s attention better.

Remember to Shoot Right


Perfect shots depend on several factors. Below are things to keep in mind.

  • Use different angles. Straightforward shots make your listing like any other. Shoot one room from different angles for premium images. Also, the various angels give the prospective buyer an idea of the entire house.
  • Shoot straight. Different angles might have your camera pointing too high or too low. Such a position increases distortions that need editing later. A good rule is to keep the height at 152.5 cm.
  • Aim for the golden hour. An hour after sunrise or before sunset will be ideal because the light is diffused and warm then. The result is a stunning, flattering photo.   
  • Use artificial lights. Although natural light is ideal in real estate photography, some rooms may not have adequate lighting. Here, consider turning on the lights or using external flash units.
  • Edit the photos. Editing gives your images a polished and professional look. Some great tools to use here are Lightroom or Photoshop. Ensure that you adjust the light temperature until it looks neutral.

Over to you. What remains now is to take action. Apply these real estate photography tips to every listing and see what comes out of it.

Then notice what works best for your target market over time and use the most converting method in the future.