Ready to explore Amusement Park and Water Park near Mumbai?

Author : Ananya Seth | Published On : 07 May 2021

The summer has set in Mumbai! If you are like any Mumbaikar, not only are you already worried about how will it get by May and planning your summer getaways. While staying at an exotic resort or hotel where you can sit back and enjoy; we would like to introduce another possibility to enjoy yourself with your family and friends. It could be a water park in Mumbai or an amusement park nearby! Doesn’t it sound exciting? Let’s dive further into some amazing places you can explore:


  • Imagicaa: India’s answer to Disneyland. Imagicaa is an amusement park nearby Mumbai, Pune; located in Lonavala. It is clearly India’s most loved amusement park with home to the deadliest and fastest roller coasters in India. From revealing in childhood merry-go-round rides to forgetting yourself in the underwater sea world; Imagicaa has many many fun secrets to be explored! It offers amazing food with multi-national cuisine options to road-side yummy chats. There is something for everyone from kids to senior citizens.
  • Essel World: Essel World hold the privilege of being the first full scale amusement park in Mumbai. As a first mover, it is home to the many picnics and nostalgic memories to many a Mumbaikar. Even though it is old, the lovable characters, the rides and the ambience at Essel World still commanded a healthy flow of visitors even till the beginning of the lockdown without burning a hole in your pocket.
  • Wonderla: Wonderla amusement parks are across the country and are worth visiting at least once in your life. When was the last time you let the child in you have fun? Drop all the responsibilities of being an adult and have the wonder of a child in your eyes as you explore various rides here.
  • Imagicaa Water Park: Yes! You need to cool down the temperatures in this scorching heat. Nothing like a water park can quench this thirst! Imagicaa water park has multiple indoor- and outdoor rides where the water is totally hygienic and changed freshly to ensure the utmost safety of all. 
  • Water Kingdom: Water Kingdom holds the title of being the first water park in India. Almost 22 years since the opening, Water Kingdom, like Essel World has a huge fan following and is home to many a enjoyable moment. The rides are still relevant and exhilarating enough to keep everyone engaged to the max for the entire day.

So, where are you heading?