React js Vs Vue js: Choosing Correct Technology For eCommerce Frontend Development

Author : Hitesh Chauhan | Published On : 04 Aug 2021

The eCommerce market is expanding more rapidly than ever. And with the change in customer behavior and shopping trends, taking retail businesses online has become more crucial than ever. But, doing so is not enough for increasing sales and gaining profits. To achieve this, merchants must make their online store stand ahead of the curb by making it unique and efficient. One of the best ways to bring this vision into reality is to create a unique and feature-rich storefront for their online business.

For this purpose, merchants majorly use two main JS-based frameworks - React js and Vue js. These two JS-based frameworks have become trending technologies for frontend development in recent years. Both React js development services and Vue js services can easily empower merchants in creating an efficient and unique storefront for their business. However, when it comes to making a choice, everything ultimately boils down to specific business requirements. With this article, we will take an in-depth look into these two frameworks for gaining a deeper understanding of their functionality.

React js Vs Vue js: Basic definition

React js is one of the most popular front-end technologies available in the market. It is developed and governed by Facebook. In MVC models Rect js can be used for creating the View section of the application. Further, it can also be used for creating UI of native applications as well.

Vue.js is one of the newest JS-based frameworks for frontend development. It’s an open-source framework created by Evan you who is an ex-Google employee. It is majorly used for creating interactive UIs. Although it is newer as compared to its competitors, its functionality and efficiency are still gaining exponential popularity.

React Vs. Vue: Comparison

Although React js and Vue js are both unique and efficient in their own ways and have a variety of similarities in them. There are many crucial differences between these two popular libraries that must be taken into account before making a choice.

Hence, a detailed comparison is necessary for gaining a deeper understanding of these two technologies with ease. Below is an in-depth comparison of both of these technologies:

  1. React js has a simpler syntax than other JS-based frameworks, so anyone with working knowledge of HTML can easily create a unique frontend using React js. However, Vue.js uses HTML heavily and its syntax is quite similar to Angular.js. So an in-depth knowledge of HTML is needed for working with Vue js
  2. React js and Vue js use component-based structures for creating unique and scalable applications. This component-based structure also allows code reusability during development. However, Vue.js components usually express their UIs using any valid HTML template whereas, React.js components use JSX and render functions to do the same.
  3. Developers can easily switch a storefront to Vue js as it has similarities to both React.js and Angular.js. However, doing so can be quite a challenge for hire React js developer, as React js is a unique framework with no similarities to its contemporary JS-based frameworks
  4. Vue js is based on the MVC framework, which makes the code is written in Vue.js cleaner and readable. However, React.js lacks such structured architecture, which can make large-scale applications look messy and complicated.


Both React js and Vue js come with their own pros and cons. From different syntax structures to architecture, the decision to use either one of these comes down to the specific business requirements and the developer’s sentiments. However, adapting to any of these can easily open up the gateways for higher profits and sales.