Protein breakfast keeps you away from unhealthy foods

Author : Liz O’Callaghan | Published On : 10 May 2021

Should you eat breakfast every day? 

There are many people around the world who can be called ‘breakfast skippers.’ Skipping breakfast has become a trend these days. Time-restricted eating patterns are coming up, which is now an important part of weight management strategy. Many studies have proven that breakfast skippers are at a greater risk of gaining weight from eating anything and everything they crave for. Well, in that case, you know that you have to eat breakfast every day, without fail. 

Now that you know why you need to, you should also consider how to eat a balanced breakfast. For starters, you should eat protein. Higher protein intake in the morning acts as a fuel for the body, doing your work productively. However, the reality is that a large percentage of people eat protein at dinner. Typically, the body counts that extra protein to be used at a later time. This storage of protein then turns into fat which you can see right now through the mirrors. Thus, a high protein breakfast benefits you to support weight loss. Protein lets you increase muscle mass, burn more calories, regulate glucose, and effectively lessens your desire to snack at night. 

Benefits of a healthy breakfast 

The adults who eat protein regularly are more likely to intake:

  • More vitamins and minerals 
  • Control their weight properly 
  • Perform better and productively.
  • Control blood sugar levels for a healthy system 

On the other hand, if the children take protein correctly, they can; 

  • Maintain a good body weight
  • Have a good concentration level
  • Perform their tasks regularly and properly
  • Meet daily nutrient requirements for healthy functioning

What to eat? 

Protein cereal is a great choice for a protein breakfast. Even the research indicates that those who consume dry cereals intake fewer calories at breakfast, unlike overweight people. Although not all cereals have equal nutrition facts, some of the common things that you can find are: 


You have to choose at least 3 grams of fiber in each bowl serving that you take. The maximum fiber that you should intake in one go needs to be 5 grams. 


If you’re an adult, you should focus on less sugar as compared to ones made for children. Avoid the cereals that have sugar mentioned at the top of the ingredient list. There are multiple ways sugar is added to the cereals, such as honey, brown sugar, dextrose corn syrup, and so on. 


If you’re looking at managing your weight, one of the most important things is to count calories. Thus, you must ideally take 160 calories per serving.

Remember that your morning meals don’t have to be high in sugar or fats. Plus, your protein breakfast should not be time-consuming. All you have to do is keep the breakfast healthier each day. 

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