Procrastination, Too Weak to Be Felt, Too Strong to Be Broken

Author : Adam Shafqat | Published On : 02 Mar 2021

Procrastination means finding comfort in doing nothing, or doing meaningless tasks in order to avoid the most difficult ones (or rather difficult in our head). So, what is procrastination? Where does this problem start from? Where does its source lie?

What is procrastination defined as?

"Chains of habit are too light to be felt until they are too heavy to be broken"-Warren Buffett

Procrastination is a habit. Lose awareness for a while and procrastinate and all you know you have spent the whole day doing nothing. That's what Buffett explains, that's why procrastination is a habit, because like any other habit it can't be noticed or felt after a while. However dealing with procrastination can be a deep journey into furthering your awareness and it is a habit that needs to be broken.

Where does procrastination's source really lie?

"Procrastination is caused mainly because the task we have to do is too difficult or boring to be taken care of."

When we are up in our head it's extremely easy to get lost in thought and worry. It's also very easy to make a task seem very difficult-nearly impossible- and boring. However finally when we complete this certain task we wonder why we thought it was such a big deal. So, when it comes to procrastination you can't trust your brain or feelings, you have to go beyond them. That was very easy to write but extremely difficult to apply on my daily life.

When one procrastinates for a long period of time the more depressed they are likely to be and the hardest it is to let go of. The longer you procrastinate the more you are likely to continue to do so. Or are you? Remember not only procrastination builds up with time, frustration, the feeling of unfulfillment, or even depression might build up with it. So, what ends up happening is either you let the pain of regret strike you and then take action or build some willpower and not feel this pain. It is really up to you.

How can one overcome procrastination?

If you think about it before you start procrastinating you are have two choices: Do what you need to most of the time something that is aligned to your purpose or do whatever you consider to be procrastination and waste of time. Choose not to procrastinate, choose to create, choose the life you want to and dream of.