Playstation Outages Rock The Boat Again; Leaves Gamers Fuming

Author : Mark Ross | Published On : 15 Sep 2021

NEWSDESK, SEPTEMBER 15, 2021 - Sony PlayStation was on choppy waters yet again after the July fiasco when its servers were down once again that left gamers frustrated and fuming. The online features of Sony PS4 and PS5 could not be accessed and it has left a bad taste in everyone’s mouth. With no news from Sony and multiple users across social media complaining regarding the same, the PlayStation outage seems to be a major one. Gamers were displayed the “You may have difficulty logging in” whenever they tried to access their profiles, tried to access the PlayStation store or even tried to launch games to no avail. 

According to the popular website Internet Outages, a functional tracker of websites, apps and other web services, the server of Sony PlayStation was down for several hours. Since there has been no word from Sony, it is difficult to say when it would be back. While it is normal for PlayStation and other tech service based websites' servers to go down once in a while, users wonder how it will affect their gaming, among other things, now that they see PSN has been having outages more frequently off late. "It's frustrating really when you are playing, or when you have a match or a competition and suddenly the servers do not connect. There is a lot of gamers' money riding on modern games and a down server at the wrong time could cost thousands of dollars across the board", rued a PS5 gamer. 

Image Credit: Internet Outages 

UPDATE - Sony PlayStation services are back online now. Gamers can again access their PlayStation Store and PlayStation accounts in full flow just as before, according to Sony's official PSN Service Status. 

Internet Outages is a popular and highly accurate web service/apps tracker website that keeps a track of their regular functioning. 

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