Orthodontic Hardware Types And Their Capabilities

Author : Sino Ortho | Published On : 29 Apr 2023

Most dentists who do the orthodontic work keep several pairs of orthodontic pliers on hand. These pliers can be used for various specific tasks, including arch wire work like loop forming and contouring. They are designed to fit in the mouth for easy handy for orthodontic treatments.

It comes with a different design for specific procedures,

•    Band removing
•    Bond removing
•    Contouring
•    Crimping
•    Hollow chop
•    Hook bracket
•    Loop forming and so on.

When purchasing pliers, it is important to consider the orthodontic pliers suppliers are providing the instrument made of high-grade stainless steel for prolonged durability use and corrosion resistance. It is also important to make sure the pliers that are fully autoclavable.

Power chain Equipment usage:

The power chain helps correct problems with your teeth; it is made of an elastic material and consists of many connected rings. It can be used to add braces to apply more force to an area of your mouth. This Orthodontic Power chains is majorly used in orthodontic treatment.

This power chain is mostly used to help close unwanted space. The power chain can correct the dental problems, which are,

•    Misalignments
•    Malocclusions
•    Crooked teeth

This treatment can be taken on a person's age and can play a part in the type of treatment, and anyone can use the power chain throughout treatment. This treatment period will vary by individual; some wear it for six months, and for some people, this treatment can be completed just after six weeks.
It should be taken care of when more food is trapped in the elastics, and poor oral hygiene can extend the treatment time and potentially damages your teeth and gums.

Dental treatment instruments:

The buccal tube is also used for orthodontic treatment, but after the advanced development, the buccal tube slowly replaced the moral bands. Because of the increase, the popularity of molar bonding has become convenient for both clinicians and patients.

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