Organic Sugar Cane Alcohol for Making Herbal tincture, Medicinal and Recreational oils

Author : Andrew Winslow | Published On : 11 May 2023

Have you ever prepared to make an herbal tincture, medicinal and recreational oils and found yourself confused about proof alcohol, organic cane alcohol, and the best alcohol for make herbal products?

If so, then have some basic ideas about 100 Proof Alcohol & Organic Sugar Cane Alcohol


Organic Sugar cane alcohol is harvested mechanically from the cane plant is the source of the organic cane ethanol. The alcohol is created by fermenting and distilling cane sugar. The finished product is separated from other ingredients and purified using a multistage distillation process. Alcoholic beverages are not utilised to make organic cane ethanol, which is not intended for use in drinks. Organic Cane Ethyl Alcohol is created at an industrial chemical plant. This alcohol, which is made from fermented and distilled sugarcane juice, has no particular flavour or aroma. There are numerous applications for sugar cane alcohol, including the production of alcohol and culinary products.

About the manufacture of organic cane alcohol

The raw materials required to make organic cane ethanol are not derived from animals. At no stage in the manufacturing process do raw materials include or come into touch with products of animal origin. Ethyl alcohol produced from organic cane is made without the use of solvents or microbes throughout the manufacturing process. No goods of animal origin are handled in the factories that produce and process Organic Cane Alcohol.

Applications and Uses

  • Organic sugar cane alcohol for manufacturing many distinct liqueurs, including rum, and vodka, alcohol serves as the primary ingredient.
  • Within the culinary business, it has been used as a solvent for flavouring as well as in the manufacturing of vinegar.
  • It is also used as a preservative in many items..

What do you mean by proof in alcohol?


The term "proof" originated in the 18th century when sailors had only one method for determining the strength of the whiskey they were carrying while unloading their ships of cargo and other goods: they would mix a small amount of whiskey with a small amount of gunpowder and drop a lit match into the mixture.

The sailors realized that alcohol accounted for at least half of the contents if the spark created auditory "proof’’! Doubling the volume of alcohol (ethanol) is what is meant by proof.

A whisky with 50% alcohol content, for instance, is 100-proof whiskey.

Anything that is 80 proof contains 40% alcohol, while anything that is 120 proof contains 60% alcohol.


100 Proof Alcohol


100 proof alcohol you can use for making highest quality tincture, oils, and concentration.

Extrcatohol uses 100 proof organic cane alcohol (also known as sugar cane) to make all of its alcohol-based extracts because it believes that it better aligns with its values, consumer preferences, and extract production techniques. Cane alcohol is also gluten-free.

Extractohol wishes to reveal its medication production processes in a completely transparent manner in the sake of truth and information.