Options Other Than Fire and Ice Condoms for Mature Women

Author : Admin Jordan | Published On : 17 May 2023

Younger women may find it hard to comprehend that women in their 30s and 40s still enjoy sexual encounters. It amazes me how many varieties of condoms there are now. When I was in my twenties, plain vanilla durex flavored condoms in Pakistan were all we had — and no, I don't mean vanilla-flavored. Until recently, condoms had a simple design. They were advertised as "one size fits all," but in reality, not all men fit into a single size. I doubt condoms were ever lubricated in that era.

These days, you can pick from a wide variety of  Durex condoms in Lahore that not only protect against pregnancy and STDs (not that most of us older women are particularly concerned with the latter), but also improve the sex experience. Wow, that's an idea. These days, preventatives are available for both sexes. Something new...


Rubbers are being marketed specifically to ladies. Textured, ribbed, and studded condoms are prime example. Many ladies find they require more stimulation than what these condoms provide. Adding a little roughness may be all that's needed to make all the difference...


The size of a condom may make a difference, notwithstanding the jokes about whether or not "size" even matters. Condom sizing is more relevant to men, but it also impacts us since a poorly fitted condom isn't as effective. Too big of a condom might slide off, while too little of one can shatter. The standard size condom, the tighter fit condom for males who weren't so blessed, and the Magnum, Kyng Size, and XXL condoms for men with ample penises are just some of the options available today.


Although latex has been and continues to be the material of choice for condoms due to its effectiveness, manufacturers have found that certain users may be allergic to the product. Manufacturers responded to this need by developing condoms made of polyurethane and polyisoprene, two synthetic rubbers that are long-lasting, effective, and safe for those with latex allergies. Natural skin or lamb skin condoms are a great compromise for those who wish to emulate the au natural trend without going completely naked. Ancient condoms were also thin and manufactured from animal intestines. It's important to remember that these condoms won't stop you from becoming pregnant, but they will stop you from getting sick.


Pre-lubricated condoms are plentiful, but those with special features, such as aloe-enriched lubricant, warming lubricant, or brand-new Fire and Ice condoms with their dual-action lubricant, are more interesting and appealing. These are unusual condoms since the lubricant is on both the inside and the outside. Condoms with lubrication to extend the climax are also available. I think ladies are the ones that benefit from climax control condoms the most...


Remember how I said vanilla condoms? Well, if you want to have some serious fun, you can get condoms that glow in the dark. Well, today you can get condoms in a wide variety of flavors, including vanilla (my personal favorite), cherry, strawberry, spearmint, and banana (also a close second).


I haven't tried them, but now there are female condoms too. Because some people of my age used diaphragms, I think we may be more likely to utilize them. Women may use these condoms similarly to how males use condoms, by inserting the condom into their genitalia.

Investing in Some Condoms

The accessibility of condoms has also increased in recent years. When I was younger, men had to beg for condoms behind the counter at pharmacies. I say males because, at the time, it was seen as inappropriate for single women to buy condoms on https://medicina.pk/. Both sexes may now shop for condoms on the internet. It's a fantastic choice for everybody.