Online MBA Program: Specializations and Top Colleges

Author : Brij Bhushan Singh | Published On : 02 Apr 2024

The online MBA program is a 2-year Post Graduate course offered entirely in online mode. The course is designed for those students who are working or students who do not have sufficient time to attend regular college. The online MBA program is supported by facilities of one of the best universities. One of the most reputed and prestigious universities offers this program. Universities deliver online MBA programs through their well-developed Learning Management System.

With the growing industries and big corporations, there is a sheer need for skilled professionals with the right knowledge to manage and organize operations. The Online MBA program provides relevant information and training to the students to manage big organizations and companies.

Online MBA program provides an opportunity to pursue a management degree to those students who have a keen interest in management but due to some reasons, cannot join regular college. After joining this program students can attend online and recorded classes and manage their time according to their availability.

The universities that offer Online MBA programs must have prior approval from the University Grants Commissions and Distance Education Bureau(UGC-DEB). Universities also require recognition from the All India Council for Technical Education(AICTE) which is mandatory for every University that offers a 2-year Master's program in MBA. Universities without these approvals and recognition cannot offer Online MBA programs.

Why Opt for the Online MBA over the Regular MBA

There are tremendous benefits and perks to pursuing an Online MBA over an MBA in a regular mode from a regular college. Some of the advantages of pursuing an Online MBA are mentioned below-

  • University Grants Commission fully recognizes the online MBA degree at par with the degree obtained from regular mode.

  • Online MBA programs are budget-friendly and only put a little burden on the pockets of the students. The fee for an online MBA is way less than the MBA pursued at a regular college.

  • Beneficial for students who are working and want their professional growth but cannot leave their jobs.

  • Online MBA facilitates flexibility for students to attend classes as per their availability. This helps them with time management.

  • Students can also pursue other certifications along with an online MBA that gives them an advantage in placement drives and job opportunities.

What are the different specializations available in the Online MBA?

With the different branches of management in the organization that are equally important, an Online MBA is available in different specializations that students can choose according to their interests. Specializations in Online MBA are designed and structured by the core management practices adopted in the organizations.

For every specialization in Online MBA, there is a dedicated faculty and support that the universities provide through their Learning Management System. These specializations help students in boosting their careers to new heights.

Some of the most popular specializations that are offered in Online MBA are mentioned below-

  • MBA General Management

  • MBA International Business

  • MBA Marketing

  • MBA Finance

  • MBA in Business Analytics

  • MBA Consulting

  • MBA in Entrepreneurship

  • MBA in Human Resource Management

  • MBA in Supply Chain Management

  • MBA in Healthcare Management

Top Online MBA Colleges/Universities in India

Some of the best and top universities/colleges that provide MBA programs in online mode are mentioned below-

  • Chandigarh University Online

  • Amity University Online

  • Amrita University Online 

  • Manipal University Jaipur

  • BITS Pilani

  • Uttaranchal University 

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After considering all the points mentioned above it is clear that Online MBA is one of the best post-graduate programs for those students who are interested in business management. They can achieve new heights in their career after completing this degree from the universities listed in the college Vidya.