No new benzene found at Queensland coal gasification task

Author : Pearce Donovan | Published On : 23 Mar 2021

New groundwater checking bores have shown no noticeable levels of benzene or toluene at Cougar Power's underground coal gasification pilot job at Kingaroy in the eastern Australian state of Queensland, the business claimed Monday.

HEDP 60 of examples from the bores near the Kingaroy project have not shown any benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene and also xylene, typically described as BTEX, Cougar said in a statement. Therefore, the examples do not surpass the trigger levels for Australian alcohol consumption water criteria.

" Given that May of this year, no benzene or toluene has been discovered in groundwater tests conducted by Cougar Power on water bores and also monitoring bores at ranges as close as 20 meters as well as approximately 4.2 km [2.6 miles] from the business's pilot melt site," Cougar claimed.

In total amount, 11 additional monitoring bores were recently set up at distances differing from 20 m to 60 m from process well P4, where a previous well-casing failure happened, as component of Cougar's ongoing ecological assessment job requested by the Queensland federal government's Division of Environment and also Source Administration. The added tracking bores are located radially around P4 as well as allow groundwater to be sampled from various geological layers in the top aquifer system, the firm claimed.

All example test outcomes have actually been sent to the DERM, and the program of groundwater tasting and screening is ongoing, Cougar stated.

The firm has been conducting extensive and also constant groundwater sampling and also testing at Kingaroy because April, complying with the begin of the pilot burn earlier this year. No benzene or toluene has actually been identified in 23 water tires operated by local farmers, however 2 isolated as well as transient measurements of 2 parts per billion of benzene, which is over drinking water levels, were identified in among the 10 wells set up by Cougar in Might, triggering the federal government to buy the shutdown of the project.

" Based on these groundwater tasting and also screening results, Cougar Power is certain that the pilot burn at its Kingaroy website has actually had no adverse impact on landholder water bores," the firm said. "Cougar Power continues to deal with DERM to guarantee the re-commencement of the Kingaroy test task at the earliest possible time."

The potential contamination of groundwater pertaining to below ground coal gasification and also coalseam gas manufacturing has actually ended up being a public issue in Queensland just recently, following the event at Kingaroy and also two succeeding explorations of traces of BTEX at coalseam gas wells drilled by Australia Pacific LNG as well as Arrow Power.