Necessary Steps to Sell your Property Without an Agent

Author : Minus The Agent | Published On : 12 May 2022

Selling a property isn't everyone's cup of tea as it is a lengthy process and requires time and patience. No one wants to pay commission and give away their hard earned money to third-party middlemen. For this they must know how to sell their property without an agent. You can list your property with a property listing website and let them do their work while you sit-back and relax as the buyers line up for your property. 

Following are the steps involved to sell your property without an agent:

1. Determine the value of your property.

Research online and find the price of the properties similar to yours. This will give you an idea about how much your property is worth and you will be able to fairly price it. Monitor the competitive houses for sale in your neighborhood to know if your house is priced correctly or you can get your property evaluated by an expert.

2. Get your property listed on high-visibility property websites.

You can sell your house privately by listing it on high visibility sites with help of online property listing portals. Pay them one time fee, upload your property details online and get your house in front of a number of potential buyers online. It is the best way to line up buyers quickly. The price they charge is reasonable and this way you cut the middleman, the agent, out of the equation.

3. Promote your property online

Market your property via various online and offline means and create endless possibilities to attract the buyers. Prepare a catchy caption and description for your property and promote it online through social media platforms. This way you can maximize your reach to the potential buyers. You can also handover flyers and place signboards to guide the people looking for property directly at your doorsteps.

4. List down the USPs of your property

Since you have to market your property's best side, you need to prepare a list of the selling points that your competition doesn't offer. While preparing material for online marketing your property on social media or making an ad copy for brochures, you need to list down all the specific details that might attract the customers. For Example, you may list your house has a Jacuzzi bathtub, fountain in the garden and a spacious storage room as highlighting points for selling your property.

5. Measure the dimensions of your property

Accurately measure the dimensions of your home as you will have to mention these as you advertise your property online on property listing sites. This is one of the major aspects customers consider while making the decision for purchasing a property. Some people prefer a small cozy home while others want a spacious elegant mansion. So along with other details, including dimensions is a must as it will give the buyers an idea about how spacious your house is.

6. Use real photographs of your property

Use genuine pictures of your property so that when an interested buyer comes he isn't discouraged upon having a completely different view of your property than what he had in mind on looking up at the picture you provided online.

7. Open house event

Arrange an open house event in which you can display your home to a large number of buyers in a small time frame. You can schedule the time for the display according to your convenience. Declutter your home, decorate the interior and go for a repair if required. Greet your buyers well and give them refreshment this way they will have a lasting impression on the buyers and they might consider purchasing your house.

8. Negotiation

You have to negotiate and form a contract which both parties have to agree upon and sign. You can revise the contract and redraft it till you and the buyer are satisfied with the terms. After signing the contract the process is complete.

In case you are ready to invest the required energy and time this task demands you should list your home online on property listing sites and as you now know how to sell your property without an agent, you are going to get great deals in no time.