Mobile Phone Marketing Prices

Author : Kieran Davidson | Published On : 22 Sep 2021

You've been hearing how fantastic mobile prices in Pakistan marketing is and you're about to jump in with both feet, hold on-not so fast.

Although marketing to mobile phones IS the hottest marketing concept to come down the pike since the invention of the home computer; it still takes due diligence to understand the differences between web and mobile marketing to ensure success.

Recently one of my clients called me for coaching on mobile marketing-we'll call him Mike for the sake of anonymity. Mike spent over $400 to run mobile ads on ad servers and got skunked. I can't remember the last time I got skunked. Once I understood the need for research and testing and retesting I was able to navigate any environment I was about to advertise in.

Unfortunately, Mike didn't check out the mobile environment he began. He believed the 'pie in the sky' emails he received daily that promised a boat-load of cash if he just dipped his marketing fish-pole in the mobile water... just what he did He began promoting Click Bank products. Not a bad choice on the surface but what Mike didn't know was that there are buying barriers between mobile phones and the many mobile-unfriendly Click Bank products.

What Mike also missed was mobile specification users are trained to purchase small items that are charged to their phone bills. He also didn't consider the physical barriers. Typing on many mobile prices in Pakistan is a daunting task-a a huge physical barrier that leads to shopping cart abandonment. Normal size fingers typing in credit card numbers and other required information on the small window mobile phone usually results in a lost sale. It's easy to understand why buying abandonment statistics are 80% for such products. (Android X by Motorola now has a huge 3x4 screen which makes typing easier).

I caution my clients to think "right thumb" when choosing a product to promote or in creating their mobile product. Statistics show that 80% of all mobile users use their right thumb to navigate, so it stands to reason that important buttons and links be placed on the right side of a mobile site.

If Mike would have done his due diligence he would have learned that Europe, especially Germany and the UK, are excellent geo-targets for mobile phone products. Europeans are far ahead of the United States. They have been using mobile phones for many years due to the lack of landline availability. Mobile phones in Germany are nicknamed "throwaways.