Manufacturing method of laser pointer

Author : Wallis Lucy | Published On : 14 Sep 2021

Laser pointer and stylus are important stationery in education and work. The laser pointer helps the teacher or narrator explain the PPT. Signature brushes are easy to write. Status or existing patented technology, laser pen and pen signing are separated, or the laser beam signing can have color, but in practice, for example, in addition to the laser indicator, you may need a signature black, red, change the training plan and hidden marking elements in class. Therefore, in addition to the laser pen, you must wear red and black with your signature. In addition, if you do not have signature ink, the signature will not work. Both cases bring some inconvenience to teaching and office work.

Start with a simple red laser, then collect parts and turn on lasers of different colors with terrible sound effects! In recent years, a red solid-state laser pump (DPSS) button has been developed on a diode with a wavelength of 671 nm. Although this wavelength can be obtained from cheap diodes, DSS technology can produce better quality lasers in a narrower frequency range.

Principle of Green laser pointer

The nonlinear crystal with 1064 nm infrared is excited by 808 nm infrared laser, and the solid-state laser is processed by 532 nm green frequency multiplication. Some green lasers operate in pulsed or quasi continuous mode to reduce cooling problems and prolong battery life. The released green laser does not require double frequency and higher efficiency. Due to the diffusion of atmospheric molecules, even weak green light can be observed at night. This laser indicator is often used by astronomers to indicate stars and constellations.