Luxor Tours and a Day Tour to the Ancient City of Kaba

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Luxor tours will give you an opportunity to enjoy the archaeological remains of the Egyptian capital, Cairo. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations of Egypt and tours of Luxor have become extremely popular in recent years. It is the original city site of the pharaohs and is still known as the Garden City of the east. You can take a tour of Luxor from the southern resort town of Sharm El Sheikh and also have the benefit of visiting the pyramids and the Luxor Temple. You can even visit the Luxor Temple which was built centuries ago by a daughter of the Pharaoh.

The Luxor Temple is actually known as the second biggest religious monument in Egypt with an area of over 4000 square meters. This ancient city is renowned for its collection of all kinds of antiquities and is home to the world famous Valley of the Kings. It is situated on the River Nile and is surrounded by a number of imposing buildings and monuments including the Luxor Museum and the Luxor Royal Castle. Tourists can also experience some old world magic by taking part in a number of tours of the ancient city.

The ancient Egyptian city of Luxor has been home to many important historical figures and it is well known throughout the world. As such many people visit Egypt each year and there are always thousands who come to pay their respects at Luxor. One of the most popular things about Luxor tours is that you get the chance to visit the Valley of the Kings. This massive area is where the pharaohs were buried and it is thought that they ruled over this area for ten thousand years before they were buried in the tombs. Many visitors who go on Luxor tours are amazed by the many amazing landmarks that they can see.

One of the most popular Luxor tours is the tour of Karnak Temple. This place plays an important role in archeology and history and is the largest archeological site in Egypt. The Luxor Temple can be seen from the Karnak Temple, which was built in the first century BC and is still used today as a sacred site. Many visitors have described the atmosphere of the Luxor Temple as being similar to that of being inside a large, beautiful museum. People coming on luxury Luxor tours will often find themselves drawn to the statues that line the central aisle of the sanctuary. Some of these include the statue of Apsara (also known as Eye of Horus) and the bust of Cleopatra.

To make the best use of your Luxor tours, it is best to decide whether you would like to tour the monuments in a group or by yourself. A Luxor tour that includes a visit to the Karnak temple is often included in packages that cater to tourists who are travelling in large groups. It is not compulsory for you to enter the Karnak temple with other tourists; you can simply sit in the sand at the edge of the sand dunes and enjoy the beauty of the temple whilst listening to the sounds of the river Giza. Luxor tours usually take up to four days, so if you are planning to spend a little more money on the Luxor Temple and the surrounding areas, it may pay off in the end. However, if you want the complete experience of Luxor, then choosing to take a full day tour is ideal. Here you will be able to tour the many temples that are located around Luxor and take advantage of the many activities and tours that are available to you.

The Valley of the Kings is one of the most important places in ancient Egypt and was home to the pharaohs. Although the Tutankhamun complex was constructed around the area, it is better known as the Memnon Valley. This area is associated with the period of the First Dynasty and is marked by a series of large Stone Statues including the bust of the legendary King Tutankhamun. Whilst there is no archaeological proof to support Tutankhamun's existence, Luxor tours will take you into the centre of the city and the exact location where Tutankhamun once stood.

The Luxor temples that you will be able to see whilst on Luxor tours are several in number but it is thought that the Karnak Temples is the most important because of their distinctive style. These are made from the Styrofoam that was once used in the construction of the pyramids and were originally built to house Luxor's water supply. Each of these Luxor temples offers something different such as the Karnak River where you can still bathe in the sacred waters and experience the magic of the ancient Egyptian gods. Once you have had time to explore all the temples, it is time to head to the Ancient burial site of Kaba where you will be given the opportunity to stand at the tombs of the pharaohs.

You will be able to witness the true history of Luxor when you visit this part of Egypt. It is possible to combine Luxor tours with a Luxor day tour to explore the many temples as well as the Karnak Temples. As Luxor is an ancient city, much of its history has been preserved. Many of the tombs have decorations left from the pharaohs and are beautifully carved. It is also possible to enjoy an Egypt holiday with a Luxor day tour as you take in the ancient city, the Luxor Museum and the Luxor Necropolis.