Laws Regarding Traffic Violations

Author : johnw wick | Published On : 13 Sep 2021

In traffic violations or moving violations, the driver of the vehicle is in violation of any law while it is moving or parked. Infractions and misdemeanors are the most common traffic violations. Serious crimes are even felonies in some cases.

There are two kinds of traffic violations: non-moving violations and moving violations. Most traffic violations are looked upon as minor criminal offenses. Nonetheless, there are those of a grave nature too, such as traffic violations of a more serious nature as well- like driving while intoxicated, driving while under the influence (of alcohol or drugs). Again, there can be minor mechanical or speeding violations with grave consequences.

Multiple infractions within short periods of time could even result in the suspension of the license. If a traffic violation ticket has a fine listed on it, it may often need to be paid. Increasing vehicle insurance premiums is also a possibility.

The Common Moving Violations or Traffic Violations That May Require Legal Action are:

Speeding or exceeding the speed limit (this is the most common violation).

Overtaking in a left-hand lane at an excessive speed.

A red light or stop sign is ignored when running by.

Ignoring another vehicle’s right-of-way.

Ignoring the single-lane rule.

Passing over a dividing line.

When seat belts are mandatory, not using them.

It’s usually illegal to park, to park in a designated non-parking zone, or to park at an expired meter that results in non-moving traffic violations.

A civil traffic infraction is a non-criminal charge that can be disposed of by payment of a civil penalty, requesting a court hearing, or election of a defensive driving course. A criminal traffic offense, on the other hand, may include D.U.I./DWI, fleeing the scene of an accident, or fleeing a police officer. It is rare for a traffic violation case involving serious bodily injury or death to require a court appearance, unlike other civil traffic cases. Fines, court costs, and even jail terms can be imposed for criminal traffic offenses.

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