Know This Before You Buy Dog Products Online

Author : James Spencer | Published On : 01 Sep 2021

Your dogs are so precious to you, and it is with love that we care for our furry friends for all of their life. They're like babies in many ways who love you back unconditionally, so learn what keeps them healthy and happy. Before you buy dog products online, it’s good to check that the products are suited to your particular pet. It’s really helpful to know some of the fundamental things about dog products as what you feed them and the kind of toys they play with, all have an effect on your doggo’s wellbeing. 

Nutritional Balance In Food

It is well known that a healthy dog is one that has a consistently high level of nutrition over a long period of time. Highly nourishing and balanced food with the correct levels of vitamins, minerals, fats and proteins will go a long way towards a happy and healthy doggo! We encourage all our clients to take the time to read the labels carefully and select the most appropriate food. Simply, your friend with paws needs a balanced diet to thrive. We also recommend foods that are fortified with nutrient-rich super foods as well as vitamins and minerals.

Just How Much Do I feed My Doggo?

It’s a great question and one that we get asked all the time. You need to do a bit of research yourself about the breed and age of your dog to give you a bit of an idea how much to give them. Good quality foods will often have a guide that is really helpful as well. You can also regularly weigh your dog so that you can monitor any excessive weight gain or loss. And finally, you may like to seek the advice from a veterinarian who will be able to give you advice. 

Supplements Are Not Alternatives

Just like with us, there are strong arguments for giving our doggos supplements, either as fortified food or as individual supplements. There are many different ones available for dogs. But it’s also important to remember that if you are feeding your pets a wide variety of natural, healthy, unprocessed foods that this will go a long way in supplying them with a high level of nutrition. Some would say that individual supplements for dogs are not even necessary. So do some of your own research, or chat to us and we’ll do our best to help you. 

Supplements Are Good For Painful Joints

Do you know that joint pain can make your pet dull and inactive? Take note of your dog’s behavior and changes in behavior as this can indicate joint pain. Having a dog is a little like having a child – they are dependent on us and they cannot use words to communicate with us. But dog’s do have a language! It is up to us to learn that language and to understand it. So notice the level of activity, or the degree of restlessness. Dietary intervention may be able to help your dog when there is joint pain and inflammation. Some foods contain ingredients that can have an antiinflammatory action and there are some supplements that can do the same. Omega fatty acids are one example. 

Nutrition Is Everything

Keeping your pets healthy is so rewarding – watching them grow and living a happy dog-life is what we want. We encourage all of our clients to take some time t think about what they are feeding their dogs. Buy food that is a brand you know is healthy and be sure to have variety in what you feed them. It is most definitely not about finding the cheapest food or taking whatever is on special this week. It’s good to be thoughtful when selecting food of course, but remember they are living, growing creatures that are dependent on you feeding them well. Do some research, consult a vet or talk to us and select nutritionally appropriate food. 

Toys & Treats For Your Doggo

Besides taking care of their nutritional demands, it’s just as important to take care of your pet's mental well-being, including puppies. Watching your pup playing around is so satisfying! So choosing the right treats or toys for them is important. Obviously choose something that will last – this will depend on their tendency to chew thing up and how strong they are and their age. There is a reason that dogs love balls! So try some of the different balls available and find one that your dog will love. There are also “footballs”, bouncy balls, ones that light up, ones that glow. some are harder and some softer.

So, when you buy puppy treats online, keep these essential factors in your mind. They will help you make your pet happy both physically and mentally.