Know More about Mild Steel Pipes & Its Uses

Author : Indradutt Umesh | Published On : 07 May 2021

As we all know, mild steel is the best versatile fusion metal that is used in numerous industries. It is composed of steel alloy and chromium. Mild steel is non-corrosive and therefore it is popular in the structural market. It is primarily low maintenance and used in the making of pipes as well as tubes. Steel tubes for structural purposes can be further utilised in the welding and construction of various architectural structures.

Let us explore different steel-based pipes and the industries that use such materials:

● Steel Water Pipe – These pipes are perfectly corrosion resistant and offer protection from corrosive elements. Mild steel is also a hygienic material with passive stability. It emits low friction and contains higher mechanical properties than cast iron pipes. Steel pipe are considered ideal pipes for water supply in cities and towns.
● Fire Fighting System Pipes – Such pipes are made of carbon steel for conveying fire suppression agents like gas or water. Pipe for fire fighting system are red-coloured or silvery exteriors. Most red-coloured steel pipes are used for sprinkler systems.

● Hollow Pipes – Mild steel or MS hollow section pipe are designed in accordance with 'Bureau of Indian Standards' specifications. These pipes and tubes are offered as plain-ended or bevelled. HSS or a hollow structure section is a dimension profile that offers exterior tolerance.

● Oil and Gas Pipe – Seamless steel offers excellent support in manufacturing steel pipes used in the oil, gas, and petroleum industry. For such purposes, API line pipe are considered a good product for the transmission of different distillates in the oil, petroleum, and gas industries.

Thermal Pipes – Due to their diverse features, electric resistance welded or ERW black steel pipe are designed to be used in thermal power plants and drinking water facilities. ERW pipes are also popularly employed as hand pumps (in boring wells).

Mild steel pipes are also made to be used in the desalination industry piping services, as steel is able to resist the corrosive qualities of saltwater. Desalination is done to provide fresh water to rural regions where people face hardships to get fresh drinking water. Steel pipes are used in the mining industry to take on large mining operations. Steel metal is used in these sectors to provide total safety and reliability. Steel pipes are also employed in the nuclear power industry due to their superior qualities. Its anti-corrosive properties are useful when seawater is pumped into the reactors that provide heat and nuclear energy.

Mild steel has many multi-purpose usages and can be made into seamless pipes, flanges, welded tubes, etc. These pipe structures offer diverse properties and can be applied in various industries. Pipes are generally distinguished based on their functions, types, or grades. This kind of steel is fully corrosion-resistant and chemically strong.

When you wish to invest in mild steel pipes and tube fittings, you must pay attention and review the properties, qualities, and lifespan thoroughly.