Islamic Hat - A Must-Have for Muslim Men

Author : alezbet ruby | Published On : 05 Aug 2021

The Islamic headgear, the kufi hat is known to all. It is a traditional Muslim head gear, which is worn by millions of people all over the world. The most popular type of Islamic headgear is the traditional black kufi hat. It is considered as the religious symbol of the Islamic faith and also a kind of regional pride. Many different types of cuffs are available in the market today.

Prayer Hats Islamic Kufi Hats and Caps

In order to get a better understanding about the history of the Islamic headgear, we need to take a look at it closely. The kufi is a headgear that is mainly worn by women in the regions of the world like Iraq, Egypt, Syria, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Rajasthan. In the beginning, these caps were used to conceal the face and hair of women who were not permitted to wear long gowns or hats. This was to avoid any kind of facial harassment from others. With time the use of the Islamic hat evolved so much that now they are considered as one of the most stylish headgear around the world. You can find varieties of skull caps in the market today in the colors of your choice.

This type of headgear is worn by both men and women. Nowadays, many Islamic cultural centers have come up in major cities of Europe and North America where Muslim women gather and enjoy with their counterparts wearing the kufi. This has become so popular among the European and North American women that there is a great demand for these caps. They come in a wide range of sizes to suit the needs and preference of every woman.

Ankara (the traditional headgear) can come in different colors and are mostly made of synthetic fabrics and plastics. But the modern cuff is usually made of cloth, silk, cotton and wool and comes with a silk fringe attached to it. You can choose a kufi according to your preference and the outfit that you want to dress up with.

In Islamic countries, the kufi is considered to be an auspicious garment. It is used in various Islamic ceremonies and rituals and also used as a sun protection. Muslim hat is also said to bring prosperity to whoever wears it and adds good luck to them. Many women also prefer to buy kufi as a gift for their loved ones. They love their friends and family members so they feel that offering them this beautiful headgear will make them happier and more valued by everyone, especially their loved ones.

The most commonly used cap is the black kufi which is available in many stores online. You can even make your own kufi for Islamic personalised gifts. You need to choose an appropriate fabric, preferably woolen, cotton or silk. You can also choose a suitable design for your hat like the traditional Islamic patterns or modern geometric designs.

If you are using your own design, then you may trim the edges so that they do not hang downwards too low or high. You should also line the hat so that it does not look too big on your head. You can line your kufi with a large rug or fabric, or any kind of carpet, to give a softer look to your headgear. You can also line your koi with colorful sequins, stones or beads to give a stunning look to your cap.

You should try to avoid using any metal pieces on your head gear. Although it might look trendy, it will surely ruin your looks. This includes using chains, pins or beads because they will definitely damage your hat. To make your hat look trendier, you should wear it with matching socks or shawls. These will give you a better combination and better coordination with your headgear.