Is drinking organic milk a healthier option?

Author : Gowri Kannan | Published On : 24 Sep 2021

Organic milk is gaining more popularity in recent times because of its numerous health benefits. People have realized the importance of health, especially after the pandemic. Hence, people have adopted various healthy habits like exercise, eating home-cooked meals, and many more. As a part of a healthy habit, people have replaced conventional milk with organic milk. Organic milk is the purest form of milk obtained from the cows that are fed naturally. These cows are not treated with any antibiotics and include 30% of pasture in their diet. Hence, organic milk in Chennai is free from pesticides, antibiotics, and stimulated growth hormones. Organic milk involves humane animal farming, where cows are allowed to graze the field under the sunlight. These cows intake regular vaccines and health check-ups to grow healthy. Hence, organic milk is a healthier option than regular milk. Therefore, listed below are some benefits that say drinking organic milk is a healthier option.



The foremost reason to choose organic milk over regular milk is additives. Regular milk contains preservatives like sorbic acid, natamycin, lysozyme, and many more. These additives increase the taste, texture, and appearance. But, these flavoring agents increase the health risks. Organic milk does not contain any additives and delivers in the natural form at the doorstep. Many milk company in Chennai see a drastic increase in the supply of organic milk in recent times.


Strengthens teeth and bones:

Another prime benefit of drinking milk is it strengthens teeth and bones. It is because milk contains calcium which is essential in the development of bones. Organic milk contains minerals and calcium to increase bone density. These essentials not only increase bone strength but also prevent the teeth from cavities and decay. Hence,  when women consume organic milk during pregnancy, it increases the nutrients in their breastmilk and passes on to infants, which is a good thing.


Improves heart health:

The grass-fed cows produce milk that is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which is the essential component to improve the heart's health. These acids are a good form of cholesterol and are commonly found in fish and flaxseeds. Organic milk naturally contains these fatty acids and improves cardiovascular health. Hence, organic milk is an excellent option for those who don't include fish in their diet.


Hence, as discussed in the post, organic cow milk in Chennai has numerous health benefits than regular milk. Therefore, fresh farm milk is the healthier option for kids and adults.