iPhone 6 – More Than Just A Design

Author : Allen John | Published On : 26 Sep 2021

Apple is one of the best gadget companies in the world. They are known for revolutionizing gadget from smartphones to laptops and desktops. Lately September of 2016, the iPhone 6 Plus was launch here in UAE. iPhone 6 Plus is the latest model of Smartphone from the Apple. The new apple iPhone has a lot of great features that will surely captivate the attention not only the techies but also other users.
Dual camera
This one is the feature that you don't really want to miss because it's a great one. The specs that were improved in this are the shutter speed and the image stabilization. This simply means that the images that will be captured by the new iPhone will have a better quality, brighter and better-exposed images. Furthermore, it also improved in terms of color production, and it has this awesome feature, the image signal processor. This is a great tool because it's an AI that automatically focuses, sets the exposure, tone mapping.
More Battery life
For those who are still not yet contended with the battery life of the previous phone, it is now resolved with the new one. Yes, the latest apple iPhone 6 has a bigger battery than the iPhone 6S Plus. Since the headphone jack is removed, it will greatly affect the energy consumption of the phone. Since iPhone 6 Plus has now an A10 processor and equipped with iOS 10, it requires a larger battery to maximize the use of it. You won't run out of battery anymore so you could enjoy every moment with the phone.
If you want to buy iPhone SE 2020, you will be amazed because it's bigger than the previous model. Furthermore, it has a screen resolution at 1080p with a brighter display. The extra pixels and size will surely change your view for the Phone. The display will surely more detailed specifically when you have apps that are dependent on displays.
Durable Phone
If you want to travel anywhere you want, then this Phone can surely handle any place. It terms of durability of the iPhone; it has a higher degree of scratch and shatter resistance considering that it has a thinner body than the Felújított iPhone. It is also water resistant, so you don't have to worry if you accidentally spill some water. The Phone will surely handle it. Furthermore, it's also dustproofed so no need to worry if you drop it on the ground because no dust will go on the phone.
Wireless Charging
Yes, you can charge the phone even if you are remote from the charger. You don't have to hassle if you want to use your phone while charging it because it's not physically connected. You can now move several meters away from the charger and still be able to charge your phone.