Introducing Indian Dairy Products: Paneer, Khoya and Ghee

Author : Sharma kitchen | Published On : 01 May 2024

Paneer and Khoya are some of the most popular Indian dairy products in Australia. Paneer is a form of cottage cheese that can be a good source of minerals, vitamins and proteins. Owing to its nutrient rich properties, paneer is a popular choice for protein for vegetarians in India. This dairy product can be consumed in many forms.  After buying the Best Indian Paneer in Australia, you can prepare appetizers like paneer tikka or paneer sandwiches, or whip up delicious curriers like palak paneer, paneer butter masala, and so on.

While paneer is commonly used for appetizers and main course dishes, khoya is used for various desserts. It can be used to prepare gulab jamun, barfi, kalakand, rabri and more. You may even buy Khoya in Australia to provide a tender fluffy center to your cakes. The texture of khoya can range from wet and granular to dry and crumbly, depending on the moisture content of the milk solids. Khoya with high moisture content usually has a loose, sticky texture and is popularly used for preparing gulab jamun. Deep fried dough enriched with khoya is soaked in a cinnamon, cardamom, saffron and sugar syrup to make gulab jamun. Khoya with lower moisture content, on the other hand, is likely to have a non-granular texture. This type of khoya is used to make barfi, peda, kalakand and other fudge like sweets.

In addition to Paneer and Khoya, Ghee is another key Indian dairy product that has gained popularity in Australia. Ghee is primarily used for frying and cooking. Ghee is also used as a topping or dressing in many Indian dishes. A wide variety of Indian snacks and sweet treats have ghee as a key ingredient, as it helps elevate the taste and aroma of any dish. Ghee also comes with several health benefits. It can assist in digestion, and may act as a natural antioxidant. Ghee also contains multiple fat-soluble vitamins and fatty acids, and is a shelf-stable product because of its antioxidant properties. Having ghee in moderation can be good for the gut health of a person.