Influenza Therapeutics are drugs and other non-hormonal treatments that are given to patients who ar

Author : pooja basmunge | Published On : 01 Sep 2021

Influenza therapeutics are administered to patients going through this condition. Influenza can be considered one of the most dreaded diseases for medical professionals. The reason behind this is that it can limit the sufferer's activities and thereby his ability to lead a healthy and active lifestyle. When such a person falls ill with the disease, he tends to stay in bed awaiting the arrival of the end of the world. This can be considered as the worst possible situation that a person can face.

To arrest and minimize the progression of the disease, doctors recommend a variety of influenza therapeutics depending on the severity of the condition. Most of these medications aim at enhancing the body's immune system to fight off the invading virus.  Acyclovir is a type of antiviral medication that is prescribed to fight viruses like the swine flu, herpes, hepatitis C, and HIV. It is known to suppress the body's immune system and prevent the spread of viruses within the body. The drug is usually taken in pill form. However, there are also suppressive applications that are applied topically to the skin. The oral administration of Acyclovir requires that the person consumes an adequate amount of fluids and is used for influenza therapeutics.

Influenza viruses are becoming more resistant to the types of antiviral medications that have been used to combat their growth. Although these influenza therapeutics can work to keep the viral infection from invading the body, eventually the drugs become less effective and may not be able to prevent the return of the infection.

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