Human-Powered Image Annotation Service

Author : Damian Pratt | Published On : 10 Aug 2021

Using automatic annotation tools, you will be able to annotate a large number of images without taking much time. It can solve your image processing difficulty because there are several challenges in image processing difficulty faced by professional users. For example, it is the first task of every user to take care of the image label that must be well-organized and neat so that it can help users to understand the image. Also, image labeling by humans has been proved to be a challenging job.
However, at, you will get a human-powered image annotation service. It will help you to get quality data annotation. Image labeling by humans can help people solve the image labeling by computers challenge by using their creative intuition or mental activity. This is also called segmentation. Basically, image labeling by humans needs human intervention to make sure that what has been tagged is what the user intended to tag. If the human segmentation cannot be performed by machines, then this particular task may turn out to be tricky. To segment the image, the human brain is required to do some kind of processing.

Another challenge in human-powered image annotation is the fact that the human brain works better when it is working with data than when working alone. While many of the color images are automatically labeled by computers, most of the gray and white images need more effort from the user. Moreover, the data is often harder to classify than the color images, and even the gray images are sometimes hard to classify. Because of this, most of the tasks where the labeling is needed are usually hard to perform by machines, and thus most of the tasks where the segmentation is needed are also hard to perform by machines.
Image labeling by humans needs a lot of effort to be put into it than the tasks where automated tools can do. Also, the labels generated using automated tools are not always as accurate or up-to-date as what is generated using the human segmentation technique. Another problem is that human input is very hard to come up with, especially if the data has been acquired manually.
The challenge for computer vision experts in the field of image analysis is to overcome the challenges mentioned above. Image segmentation and label generation using different types of tools have already been done by computer vision experts and machine learning engineers. But these professionals usually have different types of training, which makes them unique and raises their skill sets, which makes them better than others.

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