How to Roll a Joint - A Step by Step Guide

Author : Ethan Jones | Published On : 17 Jan 2022

If you're a novice taking your first step in the stoner's world and are perpetually awed by the crafty fingers that take two minutes to give you an impeccable doobie; this guide is made for you. It is an art form to have the perfect amount of green friends, the smoothness, the even burn, and of course, the cloud of smoke. The truth is, anyone can tell you how to roll a joint, but not everyone can roll a good one.

When I started smoking these long candies, I had a group of friends that pampered me by rolling one for me. I mean, you obviously know the concept of puff, puff, pass. But in a new town, with no stoner's friend, the struggle becomes real. Look at me, from nothing to professional canna-seur teaching others. Now that's some character development, ain't it?

Without further boring you with my stony nights, let's move on and introduce you to the world of smokes and laughs. It's wonderful here!

The first baby step towards knowing how to roll a joint includes understanding the joint first. 

What is a joint?

Okay, I am pulling back to the basics so no one here feels dazzled by the information. Homies, if you already know this, feel free to pass to the next step. But don’t forget that we’re describing the easiest way to roll a joint here.

For my other friends, let's begin.  

A joint, commonly known as a spliff, is a hand-rolled conical-shaped cigarette which is used to smoke cannabis or even regular tobacco. The rolling papers are produced all over the world ranging from different sizes to a variety of material including rice, hemp, and flax. You may even find them in various flavours like blackcurrant, blueberry, orange, etc. The options here are endless.

You must be thinking about how to make a spliff? Here’s how. First, you fill the rolling paper with your choice or herb, then roll it, and light it. Smoking a joint is a simple process, but rolling one can be a little tedious as you need to know the correct amount, use the mechanics of your fingers, and then pack it tight and well enough to get a smooth, perfect toke. 

That's some cannabis science thing!

Now you know what a joint is, let's look at the stuff you need to pack a good ol doobie!

How to roll a joint - Step by step guide

Step 1:

The first step of How to roll a joint is to grind the cannabis using a herb grinder. To do so, all you have to do is load the nugs in your grinder, put on the cap and twist it. Make sure you grind them into a fine consistency for a smooth smoke. 

Step 2:

The next step is to add a filter. It's better to get a pre-rolled one or a glass filter tip, but if you don't have access to it, you can use a business card or thin cardboard. Roll it into a tight cylinder, keeping in mind that its thickness will be the thickness of your joint.

Many people roll a joint without a filter, but I would advise you to use one. Not only does it restrict unwanted material, but also keeps your lips from burning. 

Step 3:

Now comes the real part of how to roll a joint.

Take your smoking paper and place the filter at the bottom. This will be the place where you will inhale. Now pinch the rolling paper around the filter such that the rest of the paper is still unrolled. 

Step 4:

Add your preferred choice of herb or tobacco, keeping in mind that it is too sparse or too full as it will not give you the same great experience. It is recommended to use 1/2 gram weed in the 1 1/4 size rolling paper. It is a great amount to start and pass it around if you have friends over. 

Step 5:

Once the joint is loaded, use your thumb and index finger to keep the paper in taco shape and then start rolling it. Some of your precious flowers may fall off but don't worry. You can stuff it later. Once you achieve the cylindrical shape, judge your joint and add more flower or empty it a little bit to get the perfect filling. 

Step 6:

Once you get the shape, lick the glue side of the paper to stick it. Make sure the joint is not too loose and perfectly fits the filter on one end. 

The end opposite to the filter is still open. Use the end of your pen to tap on the weed so that there are no air pockets inside.

Now twist the open side into a firm poke.

Step 7:

There you have it, your masterpiece ready to light up and get your deliciously baked!

I hope you got all the answers to how to roll a joint and am pretty sure you're on your way to rolling one for yourself. If you've any questions, feel free to drop it in the comment section below.

Till then, keep toking with olivastu, an online headshop in the uk.