How to Make Storytime More Than Just Reading a Book

Author : My Magic Story _ | Published On : 23 Apr 2021

Storytime is a special and invaluable ritual that allows parents to bond and spend quality time with their little ones. It can help instill a lifelong love of reading, provide developmental benefits, exercise the imagination, and more. Considering its importance, many parents want to prioritize storytime and make it more than simply reading a book before bed. Whether that means more interactive reading or introducing a personalized childrens book into the rotation, the extra effort is well worth it.

You Are in Charge, but They Stay Involved

Most parents are all too aware that if they don’t control their kid’s bedtime routine, it will almost inevitably devolve into anarchy. There will be excuses, complaints of not feeling remotely tired, and always just one more story. While you are in charge, there are easy ways to help them feel involved. Allow them to choose the book, that night’s PJs, which stuffed animal comes to bed, and so on. Kids appreciate being involved as mutual participants in this beloved bedtime tradition.

Get Them a Personalized Childrens Book

If there is anything kids love more than a fun bedtime story, it’s a bedtime story that makes them the hero. A special kind of excitement and engagement happens when kids see a book with their name on the cover and a storyall about them. Check out the personalized story books from My Magic Story. This storytelling company crafts positive, charming, and beautifully illustrated personalized books that incorporate the letters of any name into the plot of the adventure.

Bring the Story to Life

The beauty of personalized childrens books is that they naturally encourage excitement and engagement. The more engaged a child is with the story, and storytime, the more beneficial that time can be. Inspire even more interest and engagement from the little readers in your life by bringing the story to life. Use funny voices for the characters, ask questions about the story, or have your little one follow along out loud. This way, storytime becomes a fun, interactive, and stimulating experience for kids.

Choose Books That Emphasize a Positive Message

The message and moral in a story can help create a positive experience during storytime. Choose books that include positive and affirming messages and leave space during storytime for kids to ask questions or talk about the themes. In addition to personalization, the unique story in The Magic of My Name includes and highlights values like self-confidence, empathy, and generosity Adding these extra opportunities for learning into storytime is an investment that pays off for you and your young ones.

About My Magic Story

The creators of the kids personalized books at My Magic Story have never had to worry about a lack of inspiration. That’s because they are inspired by the boundless imaginations of children. That inspiration is never more evident or exhilarating than in their book, The Magic of My Name. The Magic of My Name is a personalized childrens book that makes the kid in your life the hero of their own adventure. Every story incorporates the letters of your little reader’s name, with each letter being the inspiration for part of the adventure, complete with a distinct magical meaning. The Magic of My Name even includes a focus on positive values, like self-confidence, generosity, and friendship. Remind the special hero or heroes in your life how valued and important they are by giving them a priceless gift—magic, adventure, and a treasure for the imagination. Introduce them to their own story brought to life by My Magic Story.

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