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Author : McCoy Donnelly | Published On : 22 May 2024

Slot Missions in Hogwarts

Slot missions are a great way to acquire weapons, gear, and more. They're hard to complete.

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Concealed Weapon Slot

The concealed weapon slot is a specific slot that allows you to carry pistols into an operation. Some people employ it to help attain certain goals, particularly those who aim for Suit Only. Others simply prefer to have the extra pistol as a gap closer. When you use this slot, it is important to keep in mind that you'll need to click on the corresponding pistol category button, for instance the alternate slot 2 for machine guns, in order to select them. Major Expedition and Adept Rider are both active, making it easier to use. This combo will add a damage tick every 10 seconds from Concealed Weapon as long as it is in the slot.

Slot for Smuggled Items

The smuggled items slot is an excellent feature that lets players bring weapons and other tools into the game, but it can be improved. best payouts slots 's currently shaped as a pistol, which makes it difficult to differentiate the weapon slot smuggled by smugglers from other gear slots.

The smuggle slot can house a large variety of objects, ranging from simple concussion devices, to weapons-grade explosives. These items are hidden in inconspicuous places around the map and are able to be retrieved at any time. Smuggled items are distinct from Agency Pickups and Hidden Stashes, which conceal only small objects in the scenery, and objects directly.

Mission planning is a feature available in the form of episodic missions. It allows players to unlock various starting locations, smuggled objects and gear slots before they enter the map. As players progress through challenges and unlock new Mission Mastery levels, these options for planning increase. This allows players to create the perfect mission for each challenge.

Gear Slot

In the beginning of the game, players will find their gear slots fill up, leading to the frequently-repeated "Your Gear Slots are full" message that prevents Max from selecting new equipment until the old items are cleared or a larger space is obtained. The solution to this issue is the Hogwarts Legacy Merlin Trials which give players more inventory space in exchange for completing challenges. However, since many of these challenges are scattered around the globe and are easily missed, it can take some time to get the largest amount of inventory slots in the game.

Five Gear Slots can be filled with up to 5 different types of gear, which must be selected from the Gear Selection menu before a Break-In begins. Each gear item (except the Pistol) takes up one Gear Slot while a set of similar items (like Grenades of the same type) only has one Gear Slot.

Agency pick-ups

As you progress through Mission Mastery levels, you unlock various agency pickups throughout the map. These locations allow you to keep items that don't fit in your weapon or gear slot, and take them out later.

These pickups are especially useful if you have to go through a frisk in the course of the game, or if you are carrying a weapon that might otherwise be suspect. You can only conceal one item in a pickup location.

This DLC includes new contracts for security and asset protection to the agency. Talk to the receptionist at the agency and stock up on snacks and other items. Then, walk to the designated marker and identify a mob upon arrival.