How to Immigrate to EU from India?

Author : Proclus Balashov | Published On : 28 May 2021

The European Union (EU) is the alliance of 27 countries. There are many magnificent places where the people are willing to visit on vacation or are ready to stay for the rest of their lives. The residents of India are eager to immigrate to EU. It is because of many rewarding opportunities that are lying hidden beneath the hustle and bustle. Let us look at the bigger picture in this blog.

Why do Indians want to Immigrate to EU?

People are moving to the EU for receiving education or for better employment opportunities. European nations have a better living standard, a stable economy and ample business opportunities. There are fewer problems related to ethnicity and language as it is a majorly English-speaking continent. These are some of the prominent reasons that make Fast Immigration to EU possible for Indians.

Ways to the EU

Depending upon reason, an Indian native is eligible to get permanent and temporary residence in the EU. Students apply for a study visa for getting further education, a spouse may apply for a dependent visa, a professional can apply for a job and a blue-collar worker may apply for a work permit. These are few ways for Fast Immigration to EU.

What’s the process?

An Indian willing to move to Europe will have to complete relevant documentation for Fast Immigration to EU.

Application Form

There is a unique application form for each kind of visa that you want to apply for. You will make payment of a non-refundable fee. It will vary according to your visa type and the country you wish to apply for.

Knowing the native Language

You should get well versed with the Language of the nation you want to immigrate to. International agencies conduct several standardized tests that generate your score based on performance. You must meet the essential passing requirement of the test.


Two recent photographs (not older than three months) are necessary with the application forms.

An active Passport

You should possess an authentic and valid passport to EU from India. It should not be older than ten years or more, and there should be at least three months before its expiration date. You must get your passport renewed in case it needs renewal.

Travel Insurance

This insurance includes the medical and healthcare aspects. A person should be medically insured before he plans to travel overseas.


The visa office enquires about the place or house where you will be residing once you immigrate to EU and reach the country of your choice.

Employment contract

If you have applied for a work visa, the authorities will look into your work contract with your employer. They will keep a record of your on-roll payments.

Academic qualification

When you apply for a study visa, the authorities want a complete record of your previous education. They will approve the authenticity of the certificates and institutes.

Tax slips

When you apply for a dependents visa on your spouse’s account, the spouse should present his tax payment receipts.

The Bottom-line

Fast Immigration to EU is only possible when you have sought all these basic requirements. The process is easy and hassle-free if the documentation is complete and relevant. Take advise from experienced immigration lawyers in EU for ensuring smooth process.