How to Handle Older & Outdated Articles for Optimal SEO?

Author : Imtiyaz Alam | Published On : 09 Sep 2021

Instead of publishing fresh content regularly, we need to think about updating the older contents as it will help in:

Getting more backlinks

You can get the backlinks of your rivals if on a certain topic you update your content before your rivals. A content that is outdated does not get links from an external site.

To get information about the links to the competitor’s sites you can take the help of the Ahrefs tool.

Building loyalty among the readers towards your content

The readers will be loyal to you and trust you if you will provide them the updated content.

Staying updated with the best practices of SEO

Building black hat links and keyword stuffing were the two practices that were advised for doing search engine optimization in 2010. But nowadays the use of these two techniques can impose a penalty on your site and today we need to optimize images, links, blog structure and headings in doing search engine optimization. At the time of updating the older article, we can get information about the latest practices of SEO that will work on the article.

How to update the older content for SEO

Several ways of updating the older contents for SEO are as follows:

1.Combine those web pages of your content that are present in the middle – Sometimes getting enough traffic is not possible for the web pages that are present in the middle. You need to combine these web pages with other posts. Because of this your content will load faster, it will be more navigable and cleaner. Along with this, your post can get increased traffic.

2.In the headline tag add current year – Suppose you have written an article in 2017 and it is “How to wear jeans of different types at the party”. Now if you want to update this article by adding keywords, more content and video then you have to update the title also and write it like “How to wear jeans of different types at the party [2021 updated]”. With this, the information about the updated article can be given to Google and readers.

3.Go for updating the low CTR content’s meta tags – Look for low CTR in your web pages with the use of the Google Analytics tool. It tells you the number of individuals that take interest in clicking on your blog post after seeing it. Here processing the low CTR web pages is important. In order to make these web pages more appealing, you have to update their title and metadata. Use meta descriptions and titles that are better than your well-ranked competitors.

4.Give reply to the questions that the people ask several times – When you publish content then the readers may ask several questions after reading it. By answering all their questions, you can update the older content. Just create a FAQs section and give a reply to all the questions of the readers. It is a great way of adding more words to your content.

5.At the time of updating content add internal links – Whenever you want to update the content then before doing that link all that information about your business or website that is new. If you will do this then the users will take a lot of interest in your site and because of this user experience will improve.

6.Check if any external link has been broken and remove that link – Whenever you are going to update your content then you need to scan the external links to see if they are properly working or not. If these links are broken then:

·       The search engines will consider your site as of low quality

·       The experience of the users to your site may not be good

In order to check if there are valid links in your content, you can use the Check My Links tool. When updating content, use links that are relevant and valid in place of those links that are irrelevant or broken.

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