How to guide kids in the right direction in a friendly manner

Author : Uma Bharati | Published On : 18 May 2021

Parenting can prove to be a complex and stressful task, especially while molding your children's behaviour to shape their personality. However, it is necessary to stay friendly during the process, as excessive strictness or negativity can cause more harm than good. Do not be pedantic in your approach as it might affect the child's perspectives adversely.

When the children constantly feel like they are failing to live up to their parents' expectations, it creates negativity within them. When raised in a friendly manner, kids are more likely to be moulded in the right direction without feeling like it is being forced to do so. Here are a few tips on how you can go about it:

- Do not fixate your expectations too high: While raising your children, do not expect perfection from them. Instead, expect and encourage them to put up the effort necessary to foster perfection. Not every child is the same and it is unrealistic to expect yours to be perfect or like any other child that you consider an ideal example.

- Be patient: You would have to understand that children do not understand the reasoning behind everything you ask them to do. Hence, you cannot expect them to follow all your orders immediately without asking any question. You must commit time and patience to teach your child to understand the need for following instructions. Forcing your kids to follow instructions as soon as you asked them to do something would only give them a feeling of being dictated.

- Avoid punishing them: While punishments are still used as a popular way to groom children, it isn't exactly the best. Punishment only teaches a child what to do and what not to do, and they follow these rules just for the fear of being punished. Although they would follow your instructions now, they might stop doing so upon growing up, when they can avoid punishment. A better approach to correct their mistakes would be to do so in a non-punishing manner.

- Help build moral values: While correcting your children's mistakes in a non-punishing way as suggested above, try to help them realise their own mistakes. A morality and logic-based approach would help to build up moral values within them. This is because they would correct themselves not because they want to avoid punishment, but because they would be aware of what is right and what is not.

- Try to be flexible: Not every approach of disciplining works on every child and hence, inflexible methods aren't really the best. Try to keep strict and inflexible ways only as a last resort and help your children understand what is expected from them.

- Teach them to be optimistic: The best way to counter negativity is to think optimistically. Teach your kids to look at the brighter side of things. Optimistic children are also less likely to undergo depression during puberty or later stages.

Indeed, raising your kids and moulding them in such a friendly manner can at first look appear stressful and difficult. However, once you commit to do this activity with your kids and be mentally prepared to be a bit patient, you would be surprised with the contentment you will derive from these efforts. You will be glad that you started this activity. Even though your children may not appreciate your efforts at this time, they would do so in the future when they look back at their childhood from the perspective of an adult.

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