How to Find the Best Organic Food Wholesaler

Author : Spiral Foods | Published On : 07 Jun 2021

Those who are involved in running a restaurant or food store understand the importance of finding the right food supplier. Having confidence in the quality of your produce can have a significant impact on the success of your business.


Whether you are just starting out and looking to form that crucial first relationship or have been thinking lately that it might be time to switch suppliers, read on to discover top tips on finding the best organic food wholesaler.


Ask about their product range

Running a restaurant or store takes a lot of time and effort. Fortunately, there are many strategies that you can implement to streamline your operations and reduce the number of balls you are trying to juggle at any one time. One of those strategies is opting to source most (if not all) of your food from the same supplier.


By working with the one supplier, you will have far greater control over when your produce arrives. Most likely you will develop an excellent relationship with your supply team, which can lead to other advantages such as discounts. Working with a sole supply company also grants you greater confidence in the quality of food produce that you will be receiving.


When deciding on an organic food wholesaler, inquire about their entire product line to see if it matches your needs. 


Check on their quality control

As with all types of produce, quality control of organic food is very important. There are several questions that you should ask any organic food wholesaler that you are thinking of doing business with:


  • What ingredients are included in your products? Does your ingredient list reflect this?

  • What product standards do you hold your food to?

  • How is your food manufactured?

  • How is your food picked, packed, and stored?

  • What is your food recall policy? Have you ever had to use it?


Look local

One of the great benefits to eating organic food is the positive impact that it has on the environment. Organic food is not treated with any artificial preservatives or pesticides, which means it is often grown in a local environment. Less transport time (plus natural farming techniques) means that the carbon footprint of your produce is far less.


With that in mind, always look local when searching for an organic food wholesaler. There are a plethora of organic food suppliers in Australia, so you will be spoilt for choice. 


Search for reviews

As with any product or service, one of the best ways to find what you are looking for is by searching online for reviews. These days, all major organic food suppliers will have an online presence. Use their website to get insider info regarding their company history and product line before searching on blogs and customer review websites for additional information and recommendations. 


You should also ask other businesses within your industry for word-of-mouth recommendations before making a final decision on your preferred supplier.

By following the above points, finding an organic food wholesaler could not be simpler. And congratulations — you’ve already made a good choice! Opting for organic food is good for both your health and the environment.