How to Choose the Best College Essay Topic

Author : Philip Roger | Published On : 02 Jun 2021

The best college essay examples are those which have impacted you profoundly and hold true meaning to your writers. On that note, what if a game such as Zelda changed your view of the world and the way you view the rest of life? For example, maybe you're planning to write about how you first played Zelda to illustrate how this game shows you the many limitless worlds you can create...

But wait, don't you mean it has to be about YOU? I see your eye when you look at my articles and realize I am not talking about myself but rather, about every single person who has ever had the courage to look beyond his or her personal problems and seek out a solution. In fact, this is one of the best college essay examples out there because it shows just how powerful the human mind is, and how even something as simple as a game can affect our lives in such a profound way. It is no wonder then, that Zelda has such resonance with so many of the students we have interviewed. Visit to learn more.

So, how did this classic game change people's perceptions of life? It started when a young child in Japan started playing the Game, which was originally intended for children. He or she then lost interest as they grew older, eventually turning thirteen years old. But they still remained addicted, as they discovered that they could continue playing the game after losing interest and even grow stronger. They continued playing, until they decided to turn into a fully fledged Zelda gamer, which they now are. And that is how the game truly began.

From there, the game took on a life of its own, as fans took the game everywhere. They played it at work, at school, anywhere they went, and they became fans. Their love for the game influenced their view of life and greatly influenced their view of the best college essay examples. That's right - they saw the game as an educational tool, and not a source of fun. Today, students use some of the best college application essay examples from the Zelda series to help them with their essays.

Is this a game you want to play yourself? It's a lot of fun, actually. But it's also a great test to use to help develop your own skills in essay writing. For one thing, a lot of students have been able to improve their argumentative skills by playing the game. They have also improved their ability to compose strong, persuading essays. Best of all, they have become skilled at navigating the complex world of admissions officers.

That's because, in the game, Link is a character who is well known among players for his good character. Every time he is defeated, he leaves his personal statement intact, which gives players the perfect opportunity to examine his arguments against a given thesis. In so doing, he helps to reveal to the player what's important about him or her. The same can be said for his essay topic, as readers get a chance to weigh the merits of a particular candidate by examining their choices and performances against a specified background.

What better way to examine a person than to give him or herself a chance to stand before a panel of admissions officers, all clad in drag? While no one on a hypothetical admissions panel will be able to analyze your inner being and determine your most basic personality traits, personal statements are a great place to start. Essays that include personal statements give readers a chance to observe the way in which a candidate stands apart from the crowd. Whether writing about his/her childhood or early work experiences, a student can show off a unique quality that sets him/her apart from the other students applying for the same college.

It's also important for a writer to realize that there isn't just one best college essay topic. The different types of essays are designed to address slightly different issues, as well as to vary across the various academic disciplines. So a student needs to take some time before choosing the best topic. Aspiring writers must also be prepared to tackle one thing after another in order to complete the whole writing process, which can be both a time consuming and tedious endeavor.