How to choose a fire escape ladder

Author : SEO martin | Published On : 09 Jun 2021

A house is designed to keeps you safe and comfortable.  But some unforeseen disasters can happen at any time, especially when there are numerous fire hazards in close range of one another. For the safety of your family, a fire ladder is an essential tool in case of a fire evacuation.

It is important in the event of a house fire to have easy escapeoptions, but most home does not come conveniently equipped with a fire escape. There should be more than one escape route from each room in the home. Fire escape ladders are generally made of aluminium or hard plastic and have rigid bars for rungs. Permanent systems are built into the house or attached to it and can be activated with a lever in the room.Before choosing the fire escape ladders, it is important to take few consideration. Let's discuss them in this article.

1: Weight Capacity –Make sure it is lightweight so that everyone in your home should be able to use it. Many fire escape ladders are made of nylon climbing rope, which has great tensile strength without the added weight of metal chains. A strong ladder that deploys quickly should be your first choice. Weight capacity is also an important factor.

2: Type of building –Some old commercial building use retractable ladders for fire escape. Many standard fire escape ladders are suited for thick walls.Before you purchase the fire escape ladder you should remember few things like if you are allowed to carry out alterations to the building, are there any windows under the escape window, and how sturdy is the wall above and under the window.

3: Material of ladders –Fire escape ladders are generally made of steel and aluminium as they are most heat resistant than other materials. Make sure whatever material used in your ladder, it should be heat resistant. Some models of fire escape ladders use a nylon rope that is susceptible to melting at high temperature. Ladders are made to accommodate two and three-storey building.

4:Ease of installation –The installation on the ladder depends on the kind of the ladder, it is portable or permanent. For portable ladder, you don't need any kind of installation as they are easy to carry that comes in boxes and attach to hooks on windowsills when there is a fire. While permanent ladders are attached under a window and will require minor carpentry. You can make use of the extension ladder as they are safe while escaping.

Make sure that everyone in your home knows how to use ladders and where they are kept.