How to Choose a Domestic Violence Lawyer

Author : Michelle Cueva | Published On : 19 Mar 2021

So, I'm sure by now you're wondering how to choose a domestic violence lawyer if you're in one of these situations. While it's true that if you have been accused of domestic violence, it's best to consult with an attorney who has experience defending domestic violence cases. However, if you've already been arrested or charged, then you know your rights and what to do. Here are some tips on how to choose a lawyer who will defend you. First, we must take into consideration your safety.


First, the first thing you ought to know is this: Even if there's any probable cause at all, and even if you've been taken into custody without a warrant, you can still be arrested without a proper warrant, without a chance to post bail, and even without a chance to defend yourself in court. The fact is that the police can show up at any time they want (including the night of the arrest) and arrest you for any "illegitimate" reason at all. For example, they can show up at your front door and arrest you on suspicion of child molestation even though there's no evidence linking you to the crime. Therefore, if you're facing domestic violence charges, especially if they stemmed from a crime you didn't commit, it's extremely important that you hire someone to defend you in court, who has the right experience and expertise in fighting these types of cases.


Second, in many states, including Texas, there's a time waiver basis for when a person is arrested on domestic violence charges. This means that if you've been arrested for whatever reason, even if it's based on abuse of a spouse or child, then you don't have to spend the time waiting for your trial to get completed and tried in court. Instead, your lawyer can work on a plea deal with the prosecutor so that you avoid a trial date. A good Texas domestic violence attorney will know how to use this option to get you out of jail and back to living a normal life again. If you have been charged with a crime, you must hire the right lawyer for your case as well as any other criminal defence matters.