How to be happy

Author : Erka Erka | Published On : 17 Dec 2021

RK. Despite fairy tales, happiness is not caused by magic. You begin to learn to be happy. Much of what defines happiness seems to have to do with personality and, more importantly, the thoughts and behaviors you can change. Yes, you can be happy, or at least learn to be happier.

You may have thought, like many people, that happiness comes from living a stress-free life from the moment you were born rich or beautiful, but the reality is that people of wealth and beauty or less stressed are, on average, less happy than they are. Enjoy these things. Happy people seem to intuitively know that their happiness is the sum of their life choices. Here's how to start your path to happiness.

Invest in Relationships Be with happy people. Conversations with happy people will encourage you. And when you are happy, you can give something to someone else. If you have friends and family who support you in difficult times and celebrate with you in good times, take the time to develop those relationships.

Let people know that you value what they do for you or even enjoy being a part of your life. to express gratitude Gratitude is more than just gratitude. It is a sense of wonder, gratitude, and yes, gratitude for life. It is easy to go through life without realizing your own luck.

Decide to express your gratitude. Every day, find at least one thing that enriches your life. If you have thoughts that you are not grateful for, replace them with thoughts of gratitude. For example, replace «My sister forgot my birthday» with «She was always by my side during difficult times.» Think about the things you are grateful for before going to bed and when you wake up in the morning.

development of optimism Get in the habit of seeing the positive side of things. Don't be overly optimistic. In the end bad things happen. If you are not an optimistic person by nature, it may take time for you to change your pessimistic thoughts.

It doesn't matter what your goals are or whether the process of achieving them is important to you. Try to align your daily activities with the long-term meaning and purpose of your life. Research shows that relationships add value and purpose to life. So, develop meaningful relationships.

Start today towards your goal of being a happier person and find a way to use these strategies every day. RK