How to add video on Tinder

Author : Customer query | Published On : 12 Mar 2022

If you are looking for online dating then tinder is the best excellent for you. Because Tinder has many interest features and easy to use. You can discover your date-mate by doing just the right swap. According to Customer Query Online recently Tinder opened two-second looping video features within its dating application. It means now you can add a two-second loop video on Tinder. Here I am writing about how to added video on Tinder. If you are new to Tinder reading here our: how to use Tinder monitor.

How to added video on Tinder profile

Here is a perfect response to your question, “How to add a video to tinder?”. Just follow the below-mention steps.

  1. Open the Tinder application on your smartphone.
  2. Sign-in to your Tinder account.
  3. Tap on a individual like an icon (which located at top of the left-hand side).
  4. Now tap on the ‘Add Media’ choice.
  5. Click on ‘My device’
  6. It will open your mobile gallery. From here a choice video which you want to on your Tinder profile.
  7. Trim & crop your video and tap on ‘NEXT’
  8. Tinder will display you a looping preview. If you satisfy with it click on ‘DONE’.
  9. That’s it, your loop video would fruitfully be added to your Tinder profile.

You can change your loop video to the front of your Tinder profile. Or you can change it to your profile pictures gallery by inspection and unchecking the ” Change to the front of my profile.” option.

I hope this will clear all doubt about “How do you placed a loop on tinder?”.

The two seconds looping video will display more personality, which is the best way to get more correct swipes. You can upload obtainable videos and edit them within the Tinder app. Also, you can add the live picture as a loop video. In short,  you can make your Tinder profile image a GIF using loops. Thus you can use the Tinder loop featured. Tinder loops are accessible for both iOS and Android devices.